Friday, June 5, 2009

Dear Avelyn

Dear Avelyn,

You are such a big girl these days!  You have been walking for just over a month now.  You cannot imagine how weird it is to see you change so fast, to have everyday be a “new normal”.  You took your first real steps on April 29, 2009 and by May 29th you were practically running.  Now it’s as if crawling never existed.  “Crawling!” I can almost hear you say, “Crawling is for babies, Mom.  Do I look like a baby to you?” 

No.  No you don’t.  I mean, yes you still look like, and are, a baby.  Your head is still huge in proportion to your body and your little round belly is ADORABLE.  You also still use a pacifier which I’m pretty sure means you’re still a baby.  But you’re not a baby baby anymore.  You aren’t a “kid” either so don’t rush it, okay?  You’re my little girl. 

You are sooooo close to talking and saying real words.  Most of the time you point to something and just say “uh!” but we’re working on learning to say “What’s that?”, “Who’s that?”, “More” and all those things that will make Mommy so excited she DOES NOT pee her pants.  And yes, while I know you know who I am and I’m happy that ma-ma was technically your first word I would absolutely love it if you said my name a little more and Daddy’s a little less.  Well to be fair you should keep saying da-da because it melts both our hearts but you should really just say ma-ma more often.  I’m willing to buy you a pony one day if you commit to this deal.  Let me know n’kay?

My favorite part of the day is waking up to the sound of your beautiful voice, singing yourself awake.  Sometimes I lie in bed just a little too long enjoying you and then you get upset and start yelling for someone to come pick you up.  That grin as I walk in the door is what makes life worth living.  Oh, and I love our new song that we sing in the morning.  Bob Marley rocks huh?  We’ll have to thank Mae and Elaine this summer for the cd.

Avelyn, you are such a sweet, funny little girl.  I laugh all day long at your “jokes” and the sound of your giggle.  And you’re turning into such a good little helper.  The last two weeks you have started to carry around your little pink bucket and put things in it as you find them, collecting your way around the house.  It is so sweet to see you toddling around with your bucket on your arm, sort of like a little purse. 

You love to take books off of the shelves and bring them to me or Daddy but you still will not sit still to read one.  About the only time of day we get a book read is during your nighttime bottle.  You have completely switched over to milk and don’t take anymore formula but I am so happy you still want a nighttime bottle since it’s the one time of day I can always count on you curling up on my lap, snuggling your head close against my chest and settling in for a read.  We rarely get through one book but it’s our special time.  It’s okay, most of the stories I know by heart so we don’t even worry about the books.

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot!  You danced today for the FIRST time!  I laughed so hard and Daddy and I kept trying to make you do it again.  It was the best looking white girl baby dance I’ve ever seen.  Sort of like a bopping up and down, sache side to side kind of thing but PRECIOUS.  Agh you are so cute.

I have to tell you little lady, I am overjoyed to watch you growing into who you will be, someone I am in love with, someone I am proud to know, someone I astonishingly helped create.  Your love is innocent and pure, with no strings attached and I am so lucky to be your mother.  We are having a fabulous time together, aren’t we baby girl? 

I love you with my whole heart,


  1. what perfect words for avelyn to someday read, and for you to reread and remember this special time!

  2. This is so beautiful!!! I relate to so much here...I won't go into specifics because I hate crying when I'm at work :) But they are growing up way too fast.

  3. (Grr... this is what I was referring to, this morning. tears... momma tears, cause we all "get it!"


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