Friday, June 5, 2009

Busy bees

Why is it I could write blog posts like nobody’s business when I was in school and totally stressed out, but I can only find time for one, maybe two a week now that I’m home with much less to do?  Must have been that good ole procrastination in me.  Like Katie said “Well, you’re living a real life now, you have more important sh*t going on”.  So maybe that’s it.  My more important sh*t takes up my sweet time now.  Thanks Katie.

This week has been crazy.  Monday I studied in the morning and went for my health screen at the hospital in the afternoon.  It took forever.  Tuesday Avelyn saw the Immunologist and had her bodies worth of blood drawn to test her for allergies and maybe identify things that are keeping her congested, snotty and sick.  It’s more likely her immune system just isn’t mature enough at 13 months to fight off some illnesses but we want to test her for allergens that may contribute to the problem so we could cut them out if necessary.  She will be tested again at 24 months to identify if she was able to build antibodies to two of her vaccines that help her fight off two common strains of bacteria that cause most of the problems she has.  Right now everybody feels strongly that she never developed the immunities, so if at 24 months we find out she hasn’t we can give her a booster (since her immune system will be more developed) and hopefully that will be it.  Having blood drawn was awful so I kept her home and didn’t get much work done. She slept a lot and I started feeling sick that night. 

Wednesday I woke up with the Worst Cold Ever: Part 2 plus a sore throat and didn’t do much until I had to go back to the hospital for a follow up screen.  Thursday was worse, I was sure THIS was the cold that would kill me but had to back AGAIN to the hospital to have my ID photo taken.  Today I slept in, studied in the morning and went to a movie with Kevin for the first time in 9 months.  I never, ever do stuff like that during the day.  I feel awful doing “fun” things in the daytime when Avelyn is at daycare.  I don’t always feel crappy about it but then I feel crappy about not feeling crappy.  Well today I didn’t feel crappy.  Today I thought about all the times Kevin wants to go out with me and I say no because I don’t want to leave her at night with anybody, I don’t trust anyone to put her to bed and I don’t want to leave her.  Today I realized we’re paying out the nose to put her in this great school and if she’s there already, with people she knows and loves I might as well go see a movie.  So we did.  The movie and the Icee were okay.  The Icee free refill was AWESOME.

By the by, Avelyn has transitioned pretty well to the orange room at school.  One of the teachers from the baby room (blue room) moved over to the orange room with her which made the switch so much easier.  That kid does not like change or new faces.  I picked her up Wednesday and she looked unbelievably cute, like a little girl kid, not a little girl baby.  It was around 5:00 so they were all having late day snacks and she was seated at a tiny table, in a tiny chair with her bowl of fruit and her cup of juice.  Just sitting there.  Eating.  Like a little person.  It both thrilled me and broke my heart. 

She didn’t see me right away so I just watched her from the window and smiled as my baby girl sat in her own chair all by herself.  I felt like just one day before I had been swaddling her up in nothing but a onesie and holding her in one arm while all she could do is sleep, eat, cry and poop.  While she still does all those things on a very regular basis, she does so much more too.  

In other exciting news, I’m in the process of a major blog overhaul.  MAJOR.  Like, really really exciting major.  I can’t wait to reveal the new site so be checking in the next week or two for the grand reveal.  Marina over at Penny Lane Designs is currently finishing up another fab job for me and I am on pins and needles waiting to see what she comes up with.  Did I tell you how EXCITED I AM!?!?!?!?  PINS AND NEEDLES PEOPLE!  CAN. NOT. WAIT.

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