Sunday, June 7, 2009

My husband: Problem Solver

“I think [the cat] was licking [Avelyn’s] food, that’s why I put it over by the sink".”

My husband says this in a likely attempt to be helpful after I come back from putting Avelyn down for a nap, before I have noticed that her leftover ravioli lunch isn’t on the table anymore.  I turn to the sink and see that ta da!  It has been moved by the sink. 

Okaaaaay.  Because moving it from one surface to another will prevent the cat from licking it again?  I can’t imagine that you didn’t know I would wrap up her leftover lunch and put it in the fridge when I came back since that is what I do ev-er-y time.  Why then, did you not do this yourself?  Why did you simply move the object, thereby not solving the cat-licking-food issue at hand and leaving it for me to do while you watch ESPN?

Sigh.  These are the types of issues I have on my conversation list for our Lord, of whom man was made in his image.

Lucky for my husband he provides quality sperm that makes cute kids.  Guess I’ll keep him around a while longer.


  1. Haha. So something Stuart would do. He also likes to admit to having "super sperm" that only produce male offspring. Ah men, how would we clean up messes without them?

  2. My husband also thinks he has "super sperm." Yeah, they may be great but they are certainly directionally challenged!

    And better yet, wrap the food up AND clean up the dishes if you'd ever like that super sperm to be anyway close to it's destination again!

  3. Ha! Our husbands would totally get along. We could sit back and watch them would be like attending a MENSA meeting, I'm sure.

  4. I have a question about how BlogHer works- do you make money from posting the ads on your site? I'm not interested in joining it, I was just wondering and I couldn't find the answer on their site.

  5. I make a few pennies anytime someone clicks on the ads. Not enough to mean much but hey, even pennies count, right? :) I joined BlogHer a few years ago after I found a few great bloggers I enjoyed reading that were linked to BlogHer. I was lucky to be chosen to run their adspace but I really joined to find some awesome women to read about :) You can join BlogHer without being affiliated with BlogHerAds in any way. I think they are separate. I also like that below the ads are links to random other bloggers posts (which don't count as ad clicks by the way), it's a fun way to find new things to read. Enjoy!

  6. I didn't know you had an Avelyn too!

  7. LOL!!! I haven't had this exact conversation (probably only because we don't have a cat), but so many that are painfully close. SIGH!!!

  8. Kevin is then, in the right family, since Daddyo had Sperm with the superman crest on their little capes! Ha ha ha ha ha.... Super Sperm! Ta da da da da! Here he comes to save the day....



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