Thursday, March 5, 2009


Avelyn got her third tooth Tuesday, the upper left front tooth. You can't see it by just looking at her but she's tonguing it a lot.

I have a jobinterview on Monday. For a real job. A real nursing job. Moment of silence for Keanu... whoa.

I've settled on a theme for Avelyn's first birthday party! I'm not telling you yet, ANY of you, so don't ask. I don't want to spoil the surprise and I don't want any help! I have waited my whole life to plan my child's birthday party and it will be fantastic.  Oh, and I didn’t even steal ideas from Annalee or Carla’s fantastic first birthday bashes :)

I'm living at my grandparents house now until I graduate. It's hot here because they don't have central air and the window units don't blow cool air because it's too "cool" outside. Also if I opened the window to get some of this so-called "cool" air I risk two things: being arrested for the brutal murder of the damn wienie dog next door that won't shut up or being violated by a passing rapist in the night. This is Pasadena. It's almost a ghetto.

I'm on spring break next week and get to see Hobo for a full week! I also get to study for Community Health, study for High Acuity, study for the HESI exit exam so I can graduate, apply for more jobs and finish a ton of BS case studies.  Doesn’t my break sound fun?  At least it’s in keeping with every spring break I can remember since I had the ability to remember.  I’ve never done anything fun.  SPRING BREAKS BLOW.

I’m starting to exercise and eat healthier.  As of yesterday.  But I didn’t do either today.  Oops.  Guess we’ll start over again next week.

63 days to this! [again]


  1. Yay for teeth!! They make eating soo much better. :)
    Spring break should just be canceled. I totally agree-it blows. Why not just knock a extra week off of the end of the semester??
    I can't believe Avelyn is almost 1. ONE! Holy wow.
    Good luck with the air thing. That blows. Haha.

  2. Isn't it funny how moms are about planning their kids' stuff? I was the same way about Clay's party (and probably always will be...) I'm kind of possessive of the things that they'll remember for the rest of their lives. Well, they may not but I'll remember their first birthdays the rest of their lives!

  3. you have me WAY curious and excited to see what fabulous plans are in the works for miss avelyn!
    ps- we have a hobo baby of our own this week. just wanted you to know she was in company.

  4. this is unrelated to the post, but thank you for the nursey jargon roster as i have added AEB into my vocabulary and SVE's are DEAD to me. dead.

    note to self: tease Jennifer about planning Hobo birthday a month and a half in advance

    note to self addendum: nah...will not tease because consistently referring to Avelyn as Hobo is an act of comedic genius that should be rewarded

  5. Touche Kate Richey and may I say, nooooo doubt.

  6. Your spring break sounds better than mine. At least you are getting to see your kid, and you have a REAL interview. I'll be stuck all day in either clinicals or Hurst review. WOO HOO talk about fun!

    good luck at the interview! I'm sure you'll do great!!


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