Saturday, March 7, 2009

Annnnnd BREAK!

Wait for it, wait for it ---



Amidst a HUGE list of school related things to do over the next week, I plan to do a lot of relaxing and playing around with Kevin and Avelyn.  03.07.09_ 019Hopefully the weather will cooperate a few afternoons and we can hit the park, take some walks, have a picnic and who knows what else.  Autumn, Raena and I might even take the kids to the zoo for Avelyn’s FIRST zoo visit!  Heck maybe the three of us will feel like a real family, stranger things have happened.  Oh yeah, I also have that pesky job interview Monday morning, have I mentioned that yet?  Well, I have a job interview Monday morning in the Pediatric Emergency Room at a 03.07.09_ 050hospital here in San Antonio.  I’m excited and nervous and have no idea what to wear or say.  Please say a quick prayer for me Monday morning at 11am that I will be calm, confident and show them exactly how bad-ass a nurse I will be.  Or at least not look like a total idiot, that would do too.

03.07.09_ 075Speaking of Autumn, tonight we celebrated her big little man’s 4th birthday!  I am so glad we were able to make it.  I had the best burger I’ve ever had at Big’z and had a great time hanging out with friends.  I think it may be the first time Kevin and I have been out in a big group of people (our age) since Avelyn was born.  And the best part about it was that all those people have kid(s) too so nobody thought it was weird when I forgot Avelyn’s bib (again) and tied 03.07.09_ 016a paper towel around her neck (again).  And no one batted an eyelash when she dropped a bit of her teething biscuit down her dress and I fished it out and ate it.  Hey, those biscuits are pretty good, low in calories and the baby slobber only adds to it’s exotic flavor.  Plus I’ve eaten way more disgusting things.

It was great to see Autumn’s new little man too.  He is getting so big and looks just like his Mama.  03.07.09_ 032After our burgers Kevin and I split a chocolate shake for dessert.  I tried to explain the deliciousness of chocolate shakes to the baby in the Hobo Bib but she didn’t buy it.  It worked out in the end since I just made sure to drink her share too.03.07.09_ 021  Avelyn hung with Raena’s sweet little girl while the rowdy boys played nearby.  She was so sweet with her and played “This Little Piggy” on her toes and patted her head.  Of course the head patting led to other little girls, whom we did not know, coming up and patting her head and her legs and saying “baby, baby”.  One little girl even asked “She’s a girl right?” 03.07.09_ 059to which I replied yes and she started shouting “I was right, I was right! She’s a girl!”  I’m glad the pink headband and pink gingham jumper weren’t too much of a giveaway.  It’s good to know that in today’s paparazzi driven world my little angel can go out in public incognito as an androgynous baby.

The rest of the evening seemed to go too quickly and before I knew it there was a lot of03.07.09_ 076 eye rubbing going on.  We said goodbye to Avelyn’s new best friend, Miss Piggy Toes, and packed up but not before snapping a quick photo of Avelyn learning to stand.  All by herself!  She did it earlier in the day but we didn’t have the camera.03.07.09_ 071  It’s hard to tell from the photo but I promise I’m not just showing off my fantastic jazz hands, she really is standing on her own.  (Also, I do not have a giant freaky forehead, it’s a lens flare.  And my hand is really not that large, it’s perspective.  Just for the record.)  Avelyn sang to herself all the way home, a perfect ending to another great reunion. 

Here’s to a great week for us all!

03.07.09_ 028    03.07.09_ 035 

61 days to Momma’s graduation!


  1. She is just the cutest thing! I love her pink bow and her little jumper. So sweet on her!
    And Odyssey's are really nice. The people I nannied for had one and it had so many cool features. It's definitely fully loaded with all you need for little ones. Guess that means you'll have to have a bunch more babies just to fill it up!

  2. I am so happy that yall were there! I reaaly want to go to the zoo! If we go Tuesday or Wednesday Dustin can come too, thats if the other hubbies are off and can come too.

  3. I had such a fantastic time chatting with your little family. Michael is pumped to have a buddy who is into video too. Yay. The Zoo should be fun...lets shoot for Wednesday if the Dad's come, Tuesday if it is Mommies only. Muwah!


  4. One more thing- if people judge you for using a paper towel bib they just don't know how to live life with a sense of adventure!
    Clay's just now getting coordinated enough where we can skip a bib in restaurants (most of the time). The bib I used to carry in his diaper bag is really easy to wipe down and I didn't feel like it has to put in the washing machine every single meal (like every other bib we have- grrr). We have the bib and the placemat and I love how they catch all that expensive toddler food before it hits the floor in restaurants(saving me money AND clean up!). Here's a link in case you're interested: The placemat is called the Tiny Diner (also by Kiddopotamus).
    Enjoy the paper towel bibs while they last, though. Clay's old enough now where he just pulls them off. Boo.

  5. Her hair is getting so long! I love it! But now I;m sad that we don't live in SA. Those pictures look so fun. :(

  6. I have that exact placement Brittany and I love it! Kevin has it stowed somewhere around here but of course Avelyn just wants to drop food to the right or left so it lands straight on the floor if I'm not quick enough. Those biscuits aren't cheap so we do a lot of "washing" them off in a glass of water. I think we have Bumkins wipe off bibs too, if I can remember to put them in the diaper bag. I bought 3 or 4 so we would always have one with us and that preparedness lasted about a week :)

    Clarissa - you need to take a trip to SA somewhere around the weekend of April 18th. There may or may not be a cool party going on that may or may not involve cake and ice cream and super cute babies.

  7. I really don't think she can get any cuter...her hair is getting so long and I, of course, LOVE the bow!!

    Regarding my last post...I **heart** Pedipeds...they are the best thing since Robeez! Yeah, if we lived closer Claire and Avelyn would SO chill together...I mean the shoes, the clothes, the hair, the bows...they would have SO much to talk about!

  8. I'll have to put that on my calendar....

  9. Yaaay Avelyn!!! You big standing girl!!!! The pics of her are sooooo cute.

    I hope you have a great spring break. And of course, we already know you aced the interview.

    I want to live in SA and go to the zoo and parties with the cool mommies. :( *single tear*

  10. Okay, did you read the post on Kelly's Korner about the Bevins family? I know you've mentioned posts of hers before but this family she referred to has the worst story! I just wondered if you read it and if so, isn't that awful? I was so angry after reading it that Mike has officially put the ban on me reading sad blogs. There's just too many out there! Oh well, I needed someone to share my anger with. Thanks- I feel better now.

  11. I just did. I read Kelly's post earlier but couldn't bring myself to click on over to them. I can't imagine what she must be feeling tonight. I can understand the birth parents changing their mind but oh how my heart just breaks for the Bevins family. Don't worry, Kevin HATES it when I read most of the blogs I read... just too much pain out there. I read them because it reminds me how fragile we are and not in control, but how truly blessed I am in this moment. You can always commiserate good reads with me!

  12. i hadnt read this post till just now and almost called you at exactly 11am yesterday but didnt cause i remembered it was your spring break, hope the interview went well homie

    a little girl gender-confusing a lil baby isnt a judgment on Avelyn's gorgeousness because babies are adorable, kind of androgynous anyway, and won't remember it. it is quite another for the photographer of a 2nd grade class picture to ask the 'very little boy on the far left second row to scoot in' because the very little boy's mother didnt want to deal with HER nappy hair and chopped it all off and dressed HER like a puritan choir boy....just a for instance...

    love you, party hard please for your spring break ;-)


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