Wednesday, March 4, 2009


“Well that’s cause you and I are old as dirt and learned to use the Dewey Decimal system when we were kids.“

“Yeah, I bet half our class doesn’t even know what Microfiche is. [To a younger friend] Do you know what microfiche is?”

“Is that like Twitter or something”

‘Nuf said.

64 days to Momma’s graduation!


  1. That just makes me feel reeeeaaallllyy old. Not only do I know what the DD system is, but I also had to use microfiche for several reports. Geez...

  2. Hey, I may be young but I know microfiche!!!

  3. ROTFLMAO--- Microfische... I remember them from some of my firsts as a temp agency rep... LOL. We had to test people for "how to fische". Ha ha ha ha... laughing so hysterically... oh! Not any more, I am not OLD> Thanks alot! Sigh. Life goes on, but not many "fische"!


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