Wednesday, March 18, 2009

If he only had a brain, a heart, a….

8:55 pm :: Avelyn is 11 months old today. I’ve missed her 10 and 11 month “birthdays” now. I know in the grand scheme of things it’s not that big of a deal but I hate missing it! It feels like yet another tiny failure. Oy. I can’t be blogging. I have an exam Tuesday that I have to do well on. The first one didn’t go so hot. Kevin took pictures of Avelyn today and should be sending some soon! I’ll take a break then and try not to think about them while I work or I’ll never finish.

10:35pm :: I don’t understand men. Why are they so freaking clueless? Avelyn doesn’t live with me anymore. I don’t get to cradle her while she eats or rock her to sleep or wake up to that soft sweet baby smell everyday. I don’t see her smile when I talk to her on the phone. He does. And he didn’t remember to send me pictures of her 11 month birthday. He remembered to take them, but he couldn’t remember to send them. To me, her mother. Who doesn’t live with her anymore.

We clearly live in different worlds and speak different languages. I thought when he said “I think the best ones are probably the ones from this morning. Those are probably the ones I’ll send you” that he would be sending me pictures. Evidently I misunderstood. I guess my complex multi-tasking woman brain allowed me to make logical assumptions that a silly putty-esque man brain wouldn’t put together on his own.

Man, I have SO much training to do.

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**UPDATE** Maybe I don't always come across as funny as I think I am being when I write pretty much every post I write. I guess that's the problem with words on paper, or a screen in this case but for the record, 99% of the time I (think I) write things in a way that tries to make light. Even things I'm totally serious about, it's usually with a sarcastic twist. So stop your worrying and your fussing and don't hurt your lily white knees dropping to the floor to pray for my soul. I'm okay. We're okay. I'm a good person with a skewed view of the world just trying to find my way. If it makes you feel better you can trust in the fact that I pretty much never say what I really want to say because your heads would all explode and I'd lose my readers and I don't want to do that. Also I don't deal well with confrontation and I like my psyche to be in one piece.


  1. The donkey rocks. I'm glad he finally sent the pictures. I love, love, love the "silly putty-esque man brain" analogy! I might have to steal that. :)

  2. Your blog makes me smile amidst all the frustrations in my life....
    although we as a couple are (may be were) very much like you..things have changed lately...and after the birth of our daughter, I am not even sure if it is Post- Partum or is it really that our lives are coming apart... Sorry cant reveal my identity to save my sanity ( atleast what's left of it)

  3. Hee-haw!!! Although I've always idolized mules more because of Gus.


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