Saturday, March 14, 2009


Whew.  This week has been a whirlwind.  I want to tell you about all the wild and crazy fun family things we did this week but we didn’t really do any of those.  We did have some regular fun family things we did a lot of.  Like playing on the floor, going out to eat, [window] shopping, me getting a job, making practice birthday cakes.  Oh yeah, I’ve been DEAD TO BLOGGING this week but ta da!


My interview on Monday went really well (clearly).  The Nurse Manager I interviewed with told me he had a few more candidates to talk to but that I sounded like I had all the qualities he was looking for and I really impressed him during the interview.  I was all, Uh duh Dude, but I bet you say that to all the interviewees and he was all, no way man, you totally rocked it so then I was like yeah, I know, I am FREAKING BAD ASS and he was like yeah, yeah you are.  Then he said HR would be contacting me in the coming weeks.  Exactly 3 hours and 21 minutes after I left the building HR called and told me the job was mine.  IN YO’ FACE all you other [alleged] interviewees!

So I’m supposed to wait for the head HR lady to call me on Monday with all the details.  I need to find out what the deadline to accept is, since I am still hoping to hear from a few more hospitals.  I would like to have a few offers and be able to choose the best one for me but honestly, all I wanted was ONE and I got it.  I think I would really love working in the Pedi ER and I would get to see a lot of stuff I might not see elsewhere.  I’m a little proud of myself so I’ll go ahead and say it,


We were supposed to go to the zoo with some friends on Wednesday but wouldn’t you know we got rained/winded/COLLLLLDED out.  What the hell Weather?  Every freaking year, huh?  Well at least you’re consistent.  The rest of our week went nice and slow and perfect but somehow it’s turned into Saturday and I don’t like it one bit.  Booooooo urns. 

Yesterday we took advantage of my cousin’s loaner house key and hung out at her place while she was out of town.  We needed to get out of the house.  Unfortunately it was 61 degrees inside since she was gone and we nearly froze our patooties off --- until we discovered the heart pounding, sweat inducing Holy Grail of my kind of video games AKA Guitar Hero.

Why had I never played this before?  Why am I always the last to come around and finally try something everyone else has been raving about and playing for years?  Sweet Mary’s Little Lamb that game is fun and might I most humbly say


No, really I am.  I kicked Weezer’s “My Name Is Jonas” ass and have a burning desire to play this game continuously until I hold top rank on every song on the playlist.  Granted we started on Easy level but if memory serves I did outplay Kevin pretty consistently.  He did better on a few songs but I think I totally rule overall.  (Dear Hubby, I so rarely win at anything please let me continue to believe this even if it is a totally false memory.  Thank you.)

A few of you on Facebook have already let me know that Rock Band should be played next and bought soon and very soon because, uh, it rocks.  I am looking forward to it.

Since I’ve been MIA for a while and I like to believe a few of you obsessively check the site bi-hourly for updates I thought I would pay you back with a Super Hobo fix and provide a teeniny glimpse of our week.

03.08.09_ 01003.08.09_ 034 03.08.09_ 06403.08.09_ 03803.08.09_ 042   03.08.09_ 068

03.08.09_ 05803.08.09_ 07503.08.09_ 081 03.12.09_ 02803.12.09_ 010

55 days to Momma’s graduation!



  1. I am holding that cute red jacket ransom til I see you and the beautiful Hobo! I am so looking forward to summer and many trips to the zoo!

  2. 1. Yay for getting a job!! I am thrilled for you!
    2. I hear ya on the weather-we have only had a high of 40 the past 4 days. Nasty.
    3. I'm so glad that you got to spend some time with your hobo and hubby. :)
    4. Hobo might just be the cutest baby born in April 2008.
    5. We really need to see each other soon.
    6. I have said it before, and I'll say it again, you rock my world!

  3. I saw your comment on my blog...yeah, I'm convinced that "flat spot" is just code for "my baby is smarter than yours". ;-) Love your blog, and I'm glad you found mine!

  4. Yay! Congratulations on your gainful employment!

  5. yay! gainfully employed! i'm so proud!

    also: "Uh duh Dude, but I bet you say that to all the interviewees" and "then I was like yeah, I know, I am FREAKING BAD ASS"....

    that is all going into the Bitchey Richey guide to interviewing and resumes titled 'what effing recession?' now accepting alternate title suggestions

  6. I love the polka dot onesie. Is it from etsy?

  7. No it's from Macy's! Although I have about 10 outfits saved on Etsy and I need to pick one to order for her birthday next month. It's too hard!


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