Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oi with the poodles already!

Currently I am watching my daughter cry on the daycare WebCam. It might be funny if it weren't my child but since it is it's just sad. Of course, being a first time-first week daycare Mom I called to make sure she was okay and find out just how long she'd been crying. The answer -- ALL DAY. Apparently she will play on the floor for five minutes at a time and then cry for somebody to hold her. The teachers have been really patient and loving and I've seen them take turns walking her in the hall, rocking in a chair, sitting in their laps which makes me feel a lot better. Her whole world has turned upside down this week and I know she is just getting used to the place. In a week or two she will be just fine.

Oh yeah, I was just reminded by my poltergeist to tell you there is a poltergeist in my house. He's kind of lame but clearly has some message to get across.

Anyway, I love this WebCam. I don't know how these women do it, 12 hours a day keeping all those babies busy. They are simultaneously feeding with the hands, rocking with a foot, singing to the rest of the group...very impressive. I am so thankful we've found a place that so far exceeds my expectations of what a daycare is.
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I have to apologize for my lack of pizazzy posts recently. For some reason I have just been writing the most boring and dumpy posts. Not feeling too creative these days I guess. My baby moved away, I'm way behind on work and I'm packing up the apartment to move at the end of the month. Ugh. I HATE packing. Luckily I kept all the boxes from the last move and it's moving along speedily. [Update: I'm moving to live with my grandparents for the rest of the semester. We decided since Avelyn's daycare is about as much as our rent was costing, we would cut our losses and get out of this place. We could barely afford to live here, why stay in this dump by myself? Plus all of the troubles we've had with this place have put me over the edge. Grrr.]

I still haven't heard from my High Acuity L&D preceptor. Her mother died a week ago and I haven't wanted to bother her about getting to work but I really need to get started. I guess I'll try to call tomorrow. Today my brain and body are zapped from the looooooong day of Community Health clinical. Who knew sitting in a room for hours on end discussing our plan to make fat people that like to eat thin could make you want to go home and gorge yourself on strawberry cupcakes? I knew. And I did it anyway. Way to set an example, Momma.

You know, it just crossed my mind that maybe all the funny left the house with Avelyn. I haven't written one humorous thing since we decided to move her. Could it be that the source of my hilarity lies in my uterus? That the connection my uterus felt to Avelyn is no longer available with her 205 miles away? What would that mean for my future? When she moves away for college will I turn into a sad, frumpy lump of not-funny woman? I mean I guess if I have more kids the funny will come back but for how long? These are things that I waste my time thinking about. It's a wonder I never get anything done.

Here's your daily Hobo.
Hobo head
PS - don't ask to see the WebCam. You're not gettin' it.

91 days to Momma's graduation!


  1. She's so cute...she looks like she's busting out of that shirt ( :

  2. Best line: Could it be that the source of my hilarity lies in my uterus?

    Hahah! You are still cracking me up! Your hobo looks so darn cute. :)

  3. So proud... and yes, hilarity leaves when the kids, then it's hoping for a grand baby to bring life back to futility! Yes, there is HOPE! Hmmm, cute name for baby #2?


  4. What is with the plastic tarp ? is she REALLY a HoBo...maybe you need to talk to is not ok to make Avelyn camp outside.


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