Saturday, February 7, 2009

Death by cilantro

Tonight at dinner Avelyn confirmed my worst fear -- that she finds the thought of a dead Momma really, really freaking hysterical. I was holding her on my lap and she was jumping up and down. When I went to inhale, a piece of cilantro (mmm) got sucked to the back of my throat and stuck there like that three year old mosquito on my windshield. I started hacking and coughing really hard and I couldn't catch my breath. I'm pretty sure my face looked like a tomato. What does Avelyn do? She laughs. HYSTERICALLY. Like I've never heard her laugh before. A full on, "hahahahehehuhuhuhehehehahahahahuhuhuhahahehehe!!!!!!!!". This of course made me laugh, which just worsended my hacking and coughing which made her laugh even harder which made everyone else at the table laugh.

I remember my MIL telling me about the first time Kevin laughed for real, and how beautiful it was but she could not for the life of her figure out what she did that was so funny. She tried for hours to do "it" again. Turns out it was some weird noise she made. I felt like that tonight. Avelyn has been laughing for weeks now but never in a real "OMG this is so funny this is so funny, I'm going to laugh until I -- uh oh I just peed on myself ha ha huh huh huh huh huh this is so funny" kind of way. For the record, it was SOOOOO funny. Man I love this baby.

Can you tell how much she enjoyed her first pancake? It was an awful lot.

First pancake, mmm


  1. Look at her teeth!!!! So cute!

  2. Aren't they!? I LOVE her teeth!

  3. OMG I can see you again!!!! Holy cow, this is like the best gift today! (Doing a ridiculous victory dance/move/thing)
    And, yes, Avelyn is a cutie puh-tootie. :)

  4. LOL, you are so funny. And clearly, Avelyn has inherited your somewhat twisted sense of humor. Don't worry, I have one of those too. It keeps things interesting.


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