Friday, January 16, 2009

Connection [dis]abled... Again

Our internet was out again when I got back from San Antonio on Monday. I found this out when checking Tivo Tuesday and discovered NO SHOWS after December 23rd. I wept. Tivo apologized and brought me roses but it wasn't his fault. Stupid Comcast suspended our service until we paid the bill we never received. I was almost screaming at the idiot on the other end of the line.

"Hi, I'm calling because my internet isn't working and I was wondering if it's an isolated problem with just our house or the entire area."

"I show that you are past due in the amount of $34.40 so your service is suspended until you pay the past due amount."

"Oh. Well we've been out of town for a month but there was no bill received while we were in or out of town."

"Regardless of whether you've received a bill or not it is your responsibility to pay on time."

"Okay, but how do I know when 'on time' is if we never got the bill in the first place?"

"You can pay online or over the phone."

"Yeah but we've never gotten a bill from you. I don't know my account number. How do we know how much it is or when it's due ?"

"You can pay the amount right now or online and your service will be returned to you."

"Well I don't have any money. My husband lives in another city so I need my account number to give to him so he can set up the account online."

She proceeds to "give" me the account number which I relay to Kevin, which turns out to be a fake number. I'm 99.64739% sure she gave me a fake number on purpose. Beetch. He figured it out anyway and got it paid. 36 hours later we had our internet back. And my man on the side, Tivo.
Wednesday Katie came to visit. Her visit was full of hijinks and hilarity. I was busy rearranging Avelyn's room so we didn't greet Katie at the door. Etta barked her up the stairs to meet us where she gave Avelyn a great big "Hiiiiii!" when she saw her, which immediately prompted 5 minutes of screaming. We spent the next 30 minutes lowering the crib mattress so Avelyn wouldn't leap to her death and assured her that Katie was not a baby killer come to abduct her. After the half assed handyman crib job we took off to Pappadeaux and had a fab dinner courtesy of Mama Melinda. We ended up in bed by 9:30 but didn't sleep well since Avelyn was adjusting to her first night back in our house.

I had orientation Thursday so Katie volunteered for baby duty. Hmmm. This was going to be interesting. After our dinner out Wednesday night Avelyn had finally concluded that Katie was indeed not here to steal her away. Come Thursday morning and the sight of my shoes going on my feet she decided to reenact Wail of the Abused Baby and would not stop crying until 30 minutes after I left. Luckily no one died, no fingers were smashed and Avelyn had picked up no dirty words by the time I returned. Success! Aunt Katie is officially inducted into the (minutely small) club of people allowed to care for my child!

We went grocery shopping at The Heeb when I got home and bought over $100 of I don't know what. How is it possible to go to the store, come home and unload your groceries and have a fridge and pantry look as empty as when you left one month ago? Sigh. I bought Avelyn some teething biscuits that she loves and we had a grand time laughing at the mess she made and drinking wine. Don't worry, baby had a bottle, we had the wine.

I had lab this morning so Kevin came in last night to watch Baby. One day less to worry about who will take care of her. I hate the whole leaving my baby with strangers thing. I've been able to avoid it for the most part but I'm looking for a new sitter to watch her on Thursdays and all those ugly, awful yucky feelings of leaving her while I'm away have resurfaced. No one is worthy of that beautiful creature!


  1. I feel ya on the whole "no one else can care for my baby" thing. I STILL haven't allowed my kids with anyone but grandparents. Maybe there is a Mom at your church that would like to make a little extra money on Thursdays. If you were here I would love to watch her for you! I don't know if you know Annalee McCord, but I went to ACU with her, she is awesome...she has a one year old and lives in Houston, not sure where though. She would be great, before she was a mom she was an incredible teacher. I think her blog is

  2. Move to WF and I can watch her! hehe
    Stuat and I have been on a "date" a total of 3, yes THREE times since Tyson was born. Why? you ask. I am petrified of leaving them with anyone but my parents or my sister. 90% for fear of my children's life/health/happiness and 10% for fear that Tucker will be, well, Tucker.

  3. You freakin' rock! You seriously just made my day. :)

  4. I was pretty proud of myself. Avelyn took it easy on the rookie - way to take the high road, baby :-) miss you already!!!


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