Sunday, January 18, 2009

Avelyn Squared

Avelyn was in the womb for roughly 37 weeks and 2 days. She has now been out of the womb for exactly 39 weeks and 2 days. Unbelievable. Happy 275 days of life BabyGirl!

Kevin wanted to make sure I posted the story that follows. He says if I'm going to talk about him getting in trouble for not doing something then it's only fair I tell about the time he got in trouble for doing something. He makes some sense.

I put Avelyn to bed tonight and came back downstairs to make dinner. I had been making my own baby food earlier in the evening and filling up the trash with the stinky fruit peels. Well, I go to throw away the yucky, bloody meat packaging and the trash bag is gone! And there isn't a new one in the garbage can!!

"Where's the trash?" I asked.
"I took it out. It was full."
"Oh. Well I was waiting to take it out after dinner so I could put the rest of the smelly stuff in it."
"Wait a minute," he says incredulously, "I just want to get this straight -- I'm getting in trouble for taking the garbage out?"
"You're not in trouble! I'm just saying, it wasn't that full and I wanted to put the stuff from dinner in it. Thank you for taking out the garbage without being asked. That was wonderful, it happens so rarely it didn't cross my mind as a possibility."
"Oh, okay. Well you better blog about this later. I want people to know I was getting in trouble for voluntarily taking out the garbage without being asked."

So there you go friends, Kevin took out the garbage. On his own. Without being asked.


  1. Oh, this was TOO funny! I even read the entry to Brandon. Haha. You crack me up!! :) And Happy 9 months to the beautiful girl!!!

  2. i did that too, once. take out the trash. i'm glad we didnt get married, you'd hate me way more than Kevin. oh yeah, and we wouldnt have been able to reproduce. so its probably good that you went with him

  3. I also switched the laundry today and was greeted with a disproportionate amount of dismay at the "accomplishment".

  4. WARNING: You have now sliced your own throat for all future fights when he doesn't do something. Take it down! Men use these things at the worst possible times. Blame it on internet corruption before he can capture a screen shot and keep a hard copy. Silly girl! You have a lot of husband training yet to do!

  5. It's a joke Crazikins. Possibly the funniest joke ever joked in the history of joking. Joking.

  6. LOL. Men. I soooo understand.

    Happy 9 months, sweet girl!


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