Monday, January 12, 2009

Race is on

Well, the beautiful peace of school break is over. Tomorrow is my first day of, get ready, my LAST semester of nursing school! Can I get a Woot! Woot! I can't believe how fast the past few years have flown by.

Three years ago this month I was living in Jersey City, NJ sending resumes to every company in New York with a job description that may or may not be describing me. I had worked a total of two whole days in the previous five months and that was freelance, emphasis on the free. Somewhere in the next month I would find myself sitting in an interview for a job completely unrelated to my field (that I was really more interested in than anything in my field) realizing I hated design, I missed the medical field and I was unhappy. It would take another few days of tossing and turning, late night list and chart making to come to a conclusion that would change my and Kevin's future - I wanted to back to school. Gasp! I wanted to go back to nursing school.

It really was a crazy idea when I look back at everything and I am so grateful Kevin did not second guess my decision. He did make sure I knew what I was doing but after he realized how serious I was he supported me completely.

Now here I am three years later, about to graduate and move back to San Antonio to start my career (yikes!) and make the life for myself and my family that I've always wanted. How exciting.

I am so grateful for the friends I've made in Houston, the relationship Avelyn is getting to experience with her great-grandparents and all of the support from friends and family. It is not always easy, but I know in the end it will always be worth it. I am embarking on a career that I love, pursuing an area of nursing I am passionate about and am excited about all the doors I am opening for myself and my daughter.

Please pray for me this semester that I can focus and finish this degree and be proud of the effort I've put in. This will be a big year for all of us, full of change. My baby will be ONE YEAR OLD in April! I will graduate with a BSN in May. Earn my RN soon after. Get a JOB and move back to live with my HUSBAND. We will be a 24/7 FAMILY again! Well, until Kevin goes to Chicago for seven weeks again in the summer :) I'm getting the feeling we will be just fine...


    Well that pretty much sums it all up! I'm so proud of you (I sound like a mother) and can't wait to hear the details of moving and getting a J-O-B. Good for you!

  2. gawd! Has it really been THREE years!? I miss you guys living below us (though now that would mean you would be living in the laundry room). Congrats on being in the last semester! I'm jealous and can't wait to be able to say I'm in my last semester!

    Knock 'em dead...wait, not literally!

  3. WOW! What GREAT and BIG events coming your way!


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