Monday, January 19, 2009


After months of speculation and suspicion I have come to the conclusion that I might be the only woman at the School of Nursing to give birth to a baby that didn't have some sort of shindig thrown by people at school. What does that say about me? Not that I'm going to throw myself off a bridge or anything, it's just an observation.

The old me would probably get all uppity and secretly cry and vow not to share any more baby pictures from this day forward. The new me says Meh, I'm doing great and my kid is adorable. So maybe nobody liked me then. I was fat, cranky, husband-less most of the month and pregnant. Nobody talked to me and I was too tired to talk to them. Wah wah. Look at how I've grown. Well, okay, I've grown a little. Save for about 4 of you the rest probably won't be invited to Avelyn's 1st birthday party. Not so much a slight but it will probably be out of town and you 4 won't go anyway. That's just me being frugal and saving money on the fabulous invitations I'll soon be making. That being said, presents are never frowned upon :)

Speaking of birthday parties I better get a real one this year. None of this crap for the big 2-8 in '09.

We had one of those great weekends where you feel good at the end but you can't really remember anything you did because it was so low key and enjoyable. I love those kinds of weekends. Avelyn turned nine months old on Sunday and I still can't believe it. Where has the time gone? I remember so vividly the early days of waking up every 2 hours to feed her and walking around in a zombie-like haze. You know those days when the baby finally goes to "bed" at 6:30pm and you just sit on the couch and cry because that's all you know how to do? Wow. It should tell you how amazing having a child is that after the first one most of us still want more because, oh man, there were times I thought I might die of sheer bewilderment.

I also started Twitter and Flickr this weekend. Well, finally started using them anyway. We all know how much the world cares about my every move so Twitter is perfect. I've been playing around with Flickr for weeks now and I'm about to bite the bullet and get the pro edition. I've always hated uploading pictures to Blogger. At first I would just upload the original file but they were filling up my Picasa account too quickly. Recently I got smart and started downsizing the pictures to fit your screen, thus taking less space in Picasa. Last week I discovered the true power of Flickr so now I'm hooked. Henceforth all photos will open in Flickr. It's also easier to backtrack and look at every picture I will ever add. Maybe I'll have to be more judicious in my sharing, I don't know. Sometimes this blogging thing irks me a little and I wonder if I should put so much of Avelyn's life out there. Thoughts to ponder I guess.


  1. Totally here 'ya. I would have come to a shindig-thing. Just thought I'd put that out there. And you can't take away your "shiny" girl. It would just be unfair to us "frogs and snails" moms. Oh and my fav pic from the previous post is the one with the leaf in her mouth OR the one on the bridge with A looking at her daddy. :)

  2. i don't think putting her life out there is a bad thing- if it bugs her when she grows up, you can start a new blog just for you or make your posts private or something. it really bugs me when bloggers are super secretive about their kids and lives- it kind of negates the point of blogging, and it drives me CRAZY when they give their kids stupid nicknames instead of using their name. it's not like the world knowing the kid's name is the equivalent of posting your address online or something. just some pet peeves- i think you're doing it right. who knows, when she's older you may not have time for blogging anyway.

  3. Sometimes I think about sharing too much of Claire's life too (read: naked butt pictures) but then figure there's enough other crap out there that those sick-ass people probably would rather read and look at. Not that people don't want to hear me brag on my adorable little angel and see daily pictures of her or listen to my complaints about my moron husband and psycho bitch mother in law...

  4. I'd like to attempt to explain why you shouldn't feel bad that you weren't thrown a shindig...

    1. You had Avelyn around finals week. Others have had the good graces to birth their children over breaks in school, making planning and dainty-baking somewhat more convenient.

    2. People at our school suck and probably would have bought you sucky presents. And did I mention they suck?

    3. I thought you disliked me because you could see into my Godless soul, otherwise I might have participated in said activity.

    All that being said, I am sorry you didn't get the party you deserved. This reminds me of the birthday party I wasn't invited to in 6th grade and it still stings...

    This is Lillian by the way.

  5. Even if I don't get invited to the birthday party that is out of town that I might not attend anyways, I still want to get your beautiful ladybug a gift-so I need a heads up as to what she wants...=) Also, I agree with Anonymous, aka Lillian, most of our class sucks


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