Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lucky #7

I had OB clinical today.  It was supposed to be from 6:30am-6:30pm.  We all hoped to get out early because we have a killer pedi test tomorrow.  It was pretty clear from our instructor that was not going to happen.  But Fate had other plans and blessed us with a power outage at her son's school that required all parents to retrieve their children immediately.  

Fate, you are my hero.  (Except for the fact that we all found out about this early release AFTER we ate yucky hospital food for lunch).  Oh well.

I got to visit Etta James at the hospital again and she looks GREAT!  The blood transfusion Sunday night seems to be working.  The steroids have kicked in and her body has slowed down attacking her red blood cells.  She is really jaundice and yellow from the bilirubin caused by the broken down RBC and reminds me a little bit of a bumble bee with her black fur.  She jumped up and licked my face and hands when I opened her cage.  I even got her to eat some baby food off my fingers.  The vet said she may be able to go home tomorrow.  She's on some chemotherapy drugs and steroids so we will have to be very careful with them with Thumpy and our soon-to-be-mobile almost-six-month-old baby girl.

I am so looking forward to bringing my furry baby home!


  1. can you put her in that space capsule thing Avelyn had for jaundice?

  2. I told Larry & Fez about Etta last night (I've been out of town for a bit) and they were both really crushed (as much as a pug can be anyway) and were hoping for some good news today!!! Yay no test and YAY ETTA!

  3. Poor Etta and poor Etta's mom! That is so stressful! Hopefully she'll be back to her normal self soon.
    I like your comment about gestational age- it's like you've gone to nursing school or something. They keep telling me the same things and I keep pretending not to hear. That's my alternate reality. I know they're pipe dreams but every part of my body is saying they'd rather be in a dream than reality right now! I'm just hoping she'll come soon- even though if it's VERY, VERY unlikely.

  4. I'm so glad she's doing better!!!

  5. I am SO glad your furry baby is coming home soon. :)


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