Monday, October 6, 2008

Thoughts on a Monday

Etta looked better today. She had some pink in her gums and ears but she's really yellow from all the bilirubin. I miss her. I missed a phone call from my brother yesterday. The army doesn't let you call back. My mom is in town for the week. Avelyn seems to recognize she's on the "okay" list even though they haven't seen each other since she was one week old. I like to think it's because they talk on the phone a few times a week. I've got a test on Wednesday and I'm nervous. Want to do well. Studied at Barnes and Noble/Starbucks today while Kevin got a haircut and Mom watched Baby Girl. I missed Baby Girl. Working in the newborn nursery tomorrow, should be fun but also hard because I'll have to give eye ointment and Vitamin K shots in their teeny tiny new thighs. I'll probably leave wanting another. Please remind me of how tired I still am. Hope Avelyn learns to sit up this month. She wants to so badly. Her Halloween costume is on it's way this week. Stay tuned for pictures because she will be super cute. Realized yesterday how many new friends I've made since Avelyn was born. Don't know if it's a change in me, addition of anti-depressant or a combination but I'm so much happier and friendlier now. Thought about moving back to SA next year. I will miss the new people here. Won't miss Houston though. My kid is the greatest and Kevin's new hair looks good! Really think I might like L&D which is a surprise. So rewarding. Still worried about Etta. Hope Kevin is able to get her to eat during his visit tomorrow.


  1. I'm SO glad Etta is doing better. I was very happy to hear (or should I say read) that. Hopefully she will be coming home soon. :)

    I am quite jealous you are on Newborn Nursery tomorrow. I will be on blah Postpartum. Then again, I would like to think that I like ALL aspects of L&D. Haha. Even the boring part. Hopefully I will get your good nurse. Or I can sit around like the other nurses and just study. Nah.

    AH! I can't wait for Wednesday to be over!!

    Well, I will see you bright and early tomorrow. :)
    On second thought, I may be bringing those notes....

  2. Such a cute picture...I love how she's holding your face...Claire does that to us all the time! Unconditional love...

  3. You know, you really shouldn't wrap string or put rubber bands around your child's wrists. It can be harmful. Just kidding. I don't know what it is like to have a child that is cute AND gains weight!!! Just cute!

    Glad to hear (read) that Etta is doing better. That's great!

  4. I love you, too. I know she recognizes my voice... hope it blesses her when I am gone. I hope to keep getting those wake up calls which keeps my love growing and my heart filled and starts my day with a warm happy smile! Love to my two favorite Houstonians!



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