Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who says they're sweet?

My poor little baby is still sick with a cold. It's one of Those Mean Nasty Dirty Downright Disgusting But Invisible Germs (shoutout to my HP group!) and she is not having a fun time. She feels awful which makes me feel terrible that I can't do anything about it.

She is slowly getting used to the thicker formula since I added cereal to it this week. It definitely seems to help prevent reflux but towards the end of the day it seems inevitable. The doctor doubled her Rx for reflux meds on Monday and when I went to pick it up today the pharmacy told me that our insurance only covers 30 pills every 30 days so I couldn't get enough to fill a twice a day regimen. Although if I wanted to I could pay for the extra 30 pills out of pocket at a mere $162. If I haven't said it here before I'll say it now - I FREAKING HATE INSURANCE COMPANIES!?#$&!(>$@

It must be me with the problem. Clearly I must be crazy to think that our doctor knows better than the voice on the end of the phone who probably received a two week training course in how to look up codes and canned responses in a manual. I must be a complete idiot since I still refuse to accept that they have the legal right to supersede a doctor's orders on how to treat a living, breathing patient. Man, I must be a real a-hole. I think of all the children out there with real problems, not just a stinking cold and bad reflux, but real health crises that can't get their medication or the treatment they need because of some idiot in a suit that controls what they can and cannot receive. I think of little babies so tiny and sick and no one can figure out what the heck is wrong with them and everyone keeps giving their parents the run around because they don't know what else to do. Makes me red in the face, can you tell???

Sigh. Another reason to keep me going in nursing school. Every day that I am in clinical I see at least one thing that reminds me, okay this is why I'm here. It might be good or bad but I always leave with one lasting impression that helps me get through the next week of hell you people might call nursing school. Insiders know that it is actually the devil's playground where evilness lurks and your soul is slowly sucked away. You've really got to love it to do it so please don't waste your time if you really don't want to clean up blood, guts and poop for a living.

Okay it's not that bad. Close, but most days not that bad. For example, Tuesday I had my first OB clinical and it was amazing. Before I delve too deeply I should preface by saying I went into this knowing exactly what to expect. I mean, having birthed my own child I am clearly an expert. I witnessed Avelyn's birth from beginning to end. Felt every pain, every muscle, every cramp and then watched in the mirror, first in awe and then in horror, as that beautiful little baby came tearing out of my body like a pack of wild dogs was chasing her. I watched as Kevin changed from a funny, stoic holder of the left leg to a disgusted and scared little man who was staring intently at my face in a way that very clearly stated "I am begging you, please don't ask me to look down there again. Please, please, please for the love of God I don't want to see/smell/hear or feel what is happening to you. Please." I kept asking him but by that time I was high on Fentanyl and O2 so I was having an uproarious time pushing out that little body ruiner. (Drugs. Are. Good.)

Anyway, on to Tuesday. It was so cool. First thing upon arriving the nurse said Room X was "Complete, complete, complete. She is ready to have that baby." I was off. I stood outside the room reviewing the chart while her nurse finished admitting a woman in the room next door. Before I knew it I hear a very strained "Senorita, por favor." I walk in and here is a 4'11" woman doubled over beside the bed asking for help to el bano. My three years of high school Spanish allowed me to quickly and effectively respond, "Okay, um, hold on while I get the nurse" in perfect English.

I got the nurse who rushed in and in very good Spanish told her to get back on the bed and use a bedpan. She did get on the bed but never used the bedpan. First thing about labor to know is that when a woman starts telling you she has to go to the bathroom -- the baby is COMING OUT. I held some legs, watched some oozing and then plastered myself to the wall when the delivery team came rushing in. That kid was out within my first 30 minutes of the day.

The rest of the day just got better, in between the boredom of waiting of course. I got to scrub in and assist with a Cesarean, which will probably only seem super duper cool to other nursing students who understand how rare and awesome that is. After lunch it slowed down a bit and it looked like no one would be delivering before we left at 6:30. Oh ye of little faith. Second important thing to remember about L&D -- things change quickly.

All of a sudden the hall is flooded with nurses, doctors and two fellow students, one of which is getting her arm ripped off by a screaming patient on a stretcher. Everyone is yelling something different.

"¡Necesito a mi marido!"
"Get out of the way!"
"¡Necesito a mi marido!"
"Clear the room!"

I jumped into gear, determined to do something of consequence. I start yelling at my friend "What's her husbands name? What is her name? Last name?" She is trying desperately to figure it out with even less Spanish than I have. We finally got enough to go on and I started running down the hall. When I finally spotted two guys standing in a doorway I shouted what I hoped was his name. After conveying to him with my shouting and running that he needed to HURRY UP BECAUSE HIS BABY WAS GOING TO COME OUT IN THE HALLWAY we ran into the room just in time for him to rush over by her side as the baby came flying out. Literally. The doctor almost dropped it in the goop bag but thankfully did not.

It was a very exciting end to a very fun day. I really think I may end up choosing L&D as my specialty. I had such a wonderful pregnancy and delivery experience (minus the recovery part) and I would love to be involved in that experience helping other women. The human body truly is a most amazing miracle.

Back to my baby girl, I tried giving her foods for the first time this week. We started with sweet potatoes. She looked SO DANG CUTE sitting up straight in her high chair and was really excited to be sitting eye level, by herself like we do. Here are a few photos of this first, may it brighten your day.

"I am so cute. Aren't I cute? My Momma says I'm cute so I must be cute."

"Uh, this was not at all what you described and I don't appreciate your trickery getting it into my mouth you vile woman." "Making sweet potatoes bubble spit is fuuuuuun!"

Next week, peas????


  1. Yeah, I think the blood, poop, and guts are what kept me away from the medical field. Although I do think I might like something related to labor and delivery. Not as gross to me and sounds really exciting! I'm glad you are enjoying it!

    I'm sorry Avelyn is sick. Insurance is driving me crazy right now too. They are so ridiculous. I hope she feels better and you can get all that insurance crap worked out.

  2. Your writing kills me! I'm glad you had a good day. I could tell that it was a good experience. Getting out of the classroom and participating in some good old practical hands-on stuff is always a plus.

    I have to tell you that near the end of your post when you were speaking for Avelyn, I was hearing Stewie's voice (from the Family Guy) with a feminine twist. Crazy, huh?

  3. Love the first time eating pics...we haven't started solids yet...check out my post today...I'm dealing with the EXACT same thing with my ins. company--they suck big time!

  4. LOVE the post! Especially the re-telling of our wonderful adventures Tuesday! Luckily my arm was not detached from my body and I will be able to use it again this coming week for the next woman in labor. :) I always enjoy reading your blog. And the pictures of your lovely little lady are precious!!

  5. Insurance companies are usually excluded (thanks to politicians) of being sued. Then it falls back on doctors who get tired, quit or change careers or charge enormous amounts, or are currently, doing the annual fee thing to avoid insurance acceptance... Geesh-- and try being a medicare recipient! OUCH!When and where will it stop? Growling as I plan a super attack on all things paper related to medical bills!

  6. aww your comments made me miss you guys too! i finally stuck Avelyn's present in the mail yesterday- let e know when it gets there and i'll explain it. i hope it fits still!


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