Thursday, September 25, 2008

Weekly Poll Results

Poll #5 - 9/14/08
"Fork, spork or spoon? Why? Please give your reason, even if you post anonymously!!"

Fork - 1 (6%)
Spork - 6 (40%)
Spoon - 6 (40%)
Other - 2 (13%)

(No real surprise here, except for the 2 votes for "Other" and those people didn't leave a comment so I guess we will never know the reason. Sigh. I am running through all the possible "other" utensils one might prefer. Spatula, knife(!?), whisk, scoop, tongs... these are not practical people!)


  1. Spoon-you can't eat cereal any other way.

  2. Spoon-- to lap it up, girl, all the juices and goodies!

  3. sporks are possibly the best invention ever. it is the all around tool of choice for anything edible. :)

  4. Spoon. I can't think of very many things you can eat with a fork but can't eat with a spoon.


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