Monday, September 29, 2008

Like, before I'm dead.

I'm taking a break.  A break from studying.  It is 2:29am, my brain is dead and my eyes are heavvvvvvy.  All I want to do is snooze.  

After nodding off more than once around 10:45pm I decided to push the computer aside for a while and take a little power nap to rejuvenate for the long haul and didn't wake up until 1:30.  So now, 61 minutes later, I am finishing up skimming all my notes for my test tomorrow.  By finishing up I mean I have 18-1/2 power points to look over.  I'm not completely unfamiliar with the material but I'm definitely not familiar enough with it to remember a dang thing.  With Avelyn not feeling well last week and having clinical obligations yesterday and today I just didn't get as much done beforehand as I wanted.  You don't even have to say it because I know, "Welcome to nursing school.  Welcome to parenthood.  Idiot."

It is late, I am tired, I miss Kevin and I want to sleep next to Baby Girl.  Whoever said "sleep when you're dead" better watch out because I'm on the warpath and I'm carrying a big paddle with his name on it.

[JAR: Jennifer is not typing this stupid blog that is probably boring you to tears.  She is sleeeeeping soundly in the next room in a giant comfy bed with a big fat pillow.  Much to her amazement "they" developed a Learn While You Sleep! machine over the weekend that integrates the information she needs and transfers it to her brain via energy waves while she catches some zzz's.  "That's insane," you are saying, "such a machine surely does not exist!"  Luckily in JAR Jennifer gets whatever she wants.  Suck it.]

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  1. Hahaha!! I loved the JAR story!! Especially the "suck it" part. Haha.


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