Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I passed my D&S exam which means I don't fail out of school!


I passed my first pedi test so the first test of the semester is OVER!!


Hurricane Ike is headed our way so I might not have clinical Sunday!!!

This week just keeps getting better and better.  Now if I can just convince Kevin to stay home with Avelyn Friday night while I go party like it's 1999 with some nursing buddies.  It feels like 99 years since I've done that and to be honest, it's time to do a little of this...


  1. Great! Now I have Prince in my head! Thanks! (sarcasm)

    We are so happy and relieved for you that you passed! Great job!

    We are praying for you to have a good (and safe) weekend and that all will sleep.

  2. YAY! Congrats on passing on your tests! Hope ya'll have a safe trip down here if ya'll come to SA.

  3. Cheers my baby... Go for it! All mommies need a break now and then, especially student mommies!


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