Thursday, September 11, 2008


Congratulations to one of my favorite bloggers, Amanda, and her husband on the birth of their new (yet to be named) baby girl! 8 lb, 9-1/2 oz!! And congratulations to big sister Avelyn (yes, that's right)!

On the Hurricane Ike front, we are waiting it out. We do not live in the evacuation zones and we are being asked to stay off the highways so the people in the surge zone, who are in real danger, can get out safely. They live in places where walls of water up to 50 feet are expected to hit. We are expected to get high winds and lots of rain, but so far the inner city of Houston is not in a danger zone.

I went and got supplies this morning so we should be alright through the weekend. Don't worry, at the first mention of getting out, we will do it, I'm not stupid, but I don't want to put us through hours on the highway, or take up roadways from people who really need it. Just the thought of being stuck in bumper to bumper traffic with Avelyn, Etta AND Thumper wailing away in the Honda Accord makes my skin crawl. If there isn't a danger to us, I don't want to put us through that.

Please keep our area in your thoughts and prayers. That we will be okay here at home, and that everyone who lives in a dangerous area can get the help they need. It should be an interesting weekend.

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