Thursday, September 25, 2008


I HAVE INTERNET!!!! I can almost hear the angels in heaven rejoicing with me. I just got up from a long nap with Avelyn (she is sick so I kicked the crib to the curb today and curled up with her, suck it) and was throwing in some laundry before she got up when I glanced for the millionth time at the router knowing there would be no lights. But there were. ALL the lights. I actually jumped and almost squealed I was so happy. Sad, but true. I guess Ike finally took a hike. Later Ike, I don't miss you!


  1. Grrrrrrrrrrreat! Now share the pics of our princess!!!!


  2. Yay for internet!! And yay for more blog postings!! Maybe I should start a blog of my own?


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