Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Seven hours in heaven

I slept 7 straight hours last night.  SEVEN.  I had clinical at 6am and didn't get home until 7pm.  With Avelyn already asleep, no internet (wail) and no Tivo saved programs (double wail) I had no reason to live and therefore chose sleep.  I showered, ate half a bowl of cereal, washed some bottles and passed out.  It was beautiful.  Just thought I'd share this wondrous occasion while I briefly have internet at school.  I promise better stories to come since I started OB clinicals yesterday (very cool!)

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  1. I soooo remember those days. I use to wonder if sleep would ever fall of my "5 things I want most" list, and it finally has!!!
    I am genuinely happy for you. :)


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