Monday, September 22, 2008


Avelyn and I are back in Houston. We have power and clean water, for which I am thankful, but NO INTERNET OR CABLE. The cable is only an issue because the fall TV shows are starting and I won't be able to Tivo The Office this week. This is very bad. There are few tv shows I make time for anymore and The Office is among them. The only way I get to any watch tv is because of my lovah, Tivo. I love Tivo, even more than I love Target which should tell you something. He is my soulmate. He records the shows I love and even recommends shows he thinks I might like every now and then. I feel lost without him.

The only thing worse than not having Tivo is not having internet. How can anyone live without the internet? I AM HANGING ON BY A THREAD WITHOUT MY INTERNET!*&!>% I will be the first in a loooooooooong line of people who need to stand up and say "Hi. My name is _____, and I'm a webaholic." I am at school right now, with Avelyn, to check my email and download stuff I need for school. Not having access to email and, gasp the blog, is bad enough but not being able to jump online to check school mail and Blackboard 100 times a day is really hurting.

Please pray for me. This week is going to suck.

Oh yeah, Avelyn caught a cold over the weekend which = her reflux getting really bad = awful congestion = inability to breathe = refusal to sleep in crib = only sleeping with me = me getting no studying done. The doctor doubled her reflux dose for this week and told us to add cereal to her bottles which she likes. We are starting foods next week! Wish us luck!


  1. I'm so sorry shes sick! =( Let me know how starting baby food goes!

  2. Yuck, yuck, yuck! Sick baby - that sucks. No Office - that sucks. And I must have the internet to survive! My hubby has been taking the computer with him every day when he goes to work the evacuee shelters, until midnight. So I am having withdrawals because of that.


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