Saturday, September 13, 2008

10 years later

Ten years ago today, around 2am, Kevin and I decided to make it official and admit we both wanted this thing to go somewhere. Which is only a big deal because I was 17 and a senior in high school and he was 21 and a senior in college. Details, details.

We had spent the last three months hanging out, flirting, laughing, working, talking, writing and avoiding each other. We'd had a "mock date" the month before and I prayed so hard that night that he would all of the sudden profess his undying love for me and admit that he couldn't live without me and then, you know, hold my hand or something. I think our fingers touched.

So on September 13, 1998 while we were standing outside his car getting ready for me to go inside we decided to do it - and started dating, officially. He so sincerely said, "Can I kiss you?" to which I replied "yes", or sure or something totally lame. And he did. And I laughed. And he got his feelings hurt and asked why it was so funny and I told him - because it's YOU and you're kissing ME. So he tried it again and I really wanted to laugh but this time it wasn't so funny. It was my last first kiss.
Summer 1998 May 1999, Kevin's ACU graduation May 1999 you sucked it up and took me to my prom (yes, he's a saint)September 1999 you were my hero October 2001 April 2002, my 21st birthday (check out those sideburns!) August 24, 2002 was the first most beautiful day of my life
In 2002 I followed you to Chicago to pursue your dream, and somehow lost mine along the way.
But in 2006 you followed me back to Texas, so I could find it again. In 2007 we surprised ourselves with the most amazing gift.
Did you ever think I could get any bigger?
April 18, 2008 caught us by surprise.And she is growing into the most beautiful and amazing little girl.
Thank you for embarking with me on this incredible journey of life.


  1. I remember sitting in a little bar in Vienna, Austria with Kevin in August of 1998. Most of our conversation revolved around this cute girl that he had met earlier in the summer. I still think it was funny that he whispered so much in that bar - not too many people spoke English in that place! Anyway, I felt that you two would be an item from the very beginning. I'm glad that I was there for that 1st year and that we have kept in touch over the last 9. I pray that our relationship with you guys will grow!

    Blessings to your growing family.

  2. Awwww, so sweet! I love the story in pictures :)

  3. please please please tell me that those hearts in the first picture were drawn on 10 years ago with magic marker or something... amazing.

  4. They were drawn on with a pink gel pen. Very 17 years old!


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