Friday, September 12, 2008


We are in San Antonio. I had intended to let Kevin sleep in today so I woke up this morning (bright and early, thanks Baby Girl) and took Avelyn downstairs to play. We were having a marvelous time, as usual, when I looked into her face and was suddenly afraid of the hurricane. What IF it does follow the forecasted trajectory? What IF it swings straight into Houston? What IF the expected 75-110 mile an hour winds blew out our windows, our power, our roof? What IF something even worse occurred?

All of the sudden I realized how much more meaningful our lives have become since we became parents. She depends on me to make decisions in her best interest regarding both her life and mine. If it were just Kevin and me we would have probably hunkered down and sat through it with the rest of Houston. I think the adrenaline junkie in Kevin was kind of looking forward to his first hurricane. But it's not just us anymore, not that we were ever a "just". So I woke up Kevin, told him we needed to pack and leave and we were out the door 2 hours later.

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday so seeing Avelyn was her present today :) I'm sure we'll still get some rain here but it's unlikely we'll face the hurricane force winds hitting Houston tonight. Even if we did I am quite sure we are safer in this big ole house than that dinky old condo with big single plate windows. Pray for the safety of the people who stayed behind and everyone have a great weekend!

Happy 20th Birthday Sandy! Kevin smiled at her... this is what he gets these days.


  1. Glad y'all are being cautious. All of my Houston relatives were too stubborn to leave >:(

  2. I'm so glad you're safe and sound in SA! Too bad we aren't there this weekend! BTW, I ADORE A's rolls!! Too cute!

  3. Yep, when you look in your baby's face thats when you know, you are truly for the first accountable. That's how I felt with you. When Hurricane Alicia came through, you were close to two, I think. We stayed at Granny and Pop's and my fear was a tornado sucking you out of my arms. I held you tight all night, scared for you, not me. Babies are wonderful reality checks! I am praising God you left with your hubby and you are all safe! Happy thought for me!

    Grandmuhma SNE


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