Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Those ravioli-strawberry-suh-uh-merrrrr nights

07.01.09_ 023

Tell me what you think she’s saying here.


  1. "i have my mom's smile but my dad's eyes! check out these strawberries!"

    she's stream-of-consciousness, see.

  2. Excuse me Mom, why do I look like I've just had my stage makeup done for a horror movie?!?
    And while we're at it, can I get some more of these yummy berries?

    ps- cracking up at your dream!

  3. She's saying "do not blog about that."

    Looks like she had fun though.

  4. "Come on mom, a little Cool Whip with these strawberries, please? Moms..."

  5. "See Clarissa? This is what happens when you say you are coming into town to visit me and then you bail on me. See what you've done??"

    P.S. I am SO bummed we didn't get to hang out.

  6. "The camera? Again? Really, Mom?"

    LOVE your new look, by the way. Adorable!

  7. I don't have anything clever to post, but I just had to say that I love love love love the new header. Penny Lane is a pro-woman!

  8. "You said Etta was giving me my bath! No way!"


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