Monday, June 29, 2009

Silenced by shoes

I finally took it upon myself to clean out both cars and move Hobo’s car seat back to the Accord from the Pilot.  This was not, of course, out of respect for my weekly plan, my mile long to-do list or parental responsibility.  It is a direct response to the fact that I am butt-ass broke and while the Pilot is out of gas, the Honda has at least half a tank.  (Having two cars finally comes in [real] handy!)

The bulk of both cars’ contents fit neatly into a large Target® bag which was deposited directly into File 13.  The rest of the junk was a bunch of toys I keep around in a lame attempt that Avelyn will one day see them and say to herself, “By jolly, these toys are bloody maaaaaaarvelous!” and immediately stop screaming to play with them.  This has, thus far, yet to happen.

As is the norm with a once-a-millennium car clean out, I found one great item I had totally forgotten about.  Remember alllllll the way back to Avelyn’s new shoes?  The guy at the shoe store took her picture as a memento of Baby’s [1st] Pair of Shoes.  Granted these are not her first pair, but they were her first pair of real shoes, with rubber soles, laces and actual padding.  Plus it clearly captured her look of utter exhaustion at the whole shoe buying experience.  “Oh Mutha!” she cried channeling her best Scarlet O’Hara, “Tha shoes!  Tha sheer amount of beautiful shoes!  How’s a gurl to choose!?!” 


She was clearly stunned.  And, a shoe shopping natural.  Lord help us all.


  1. How odd..I own an Accord and a Pilot too. I mean, I now to turn a profit, they built more than one of these vehicles but still.....

    You are training her well with the shoes!! You'll have a shopping buddy for life!

  2. That reminds me, I need to vacuum out the van before I trek to 'ole San this weekend. And the shoes-Lord help you!

  3. I still must buy those shoes for Claire..but I feel like she should be walking first, right!?!?


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