Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In which I am old, happy, and employed

My baby brother got married this weekend which I’m pretty sure means I am really old now.  Avelyn was a drop dead gahw-geous flower girl in her little ruffled dress and tiny pearls.  She had fun picking up the skirt ever so slightly and twirling herself.  Sigh.  Aren’t little girls just precious?

06.20.09_ 090 06.20.09_ 054

Kevin flew to Chicago on Friday so he wasn’t in attendance.  I made sure he was “there” by lending Jacob Kevin’s tux from our wedding and forcing him to talk on my pink iPhone while Kevin gave marriage advice before the ceremony.  He said, “Don’ do it dummy!”  Joking, of course. 

I’ve mentioned before that I regret not having danced with my brother at my own wedding all the way, way back in 2002.  I made peace with myself when Avelyn danced with him at his.  It kills me it’s so sweet. 

06.20.09_ 056 06.20.09_ 096

After the wedding we all drove over to an old historic house and they had pictures taken.  Avelyn was fit to be tied after driving nearly 300 miles just the day before and revving up to drive the same distance back.  She passed out on the way to the house, woke up crabby and screaming about 10 minutes later and screamed in most of my pictures.  We’ll see how their photos come out.  She looked so pretty with the bride anyway, and in the flower garden of course.  Love those OMG Texas is too freaking hot summer nights.

06.20.09_ 079 06.20.09_ 112

I started my FIRST day at my FIRST real job on Monday.  So far it has been hooooouuuurrrrrs of borientation.  I sit there all day long, nodding off and dreaming about all the things I need to learn how to do so I don’t kill someone.  Then I think to myself, Holy crap!  I’m getting paid a buttload of money to sit here and be bored.  WaHOOOOOOO!  Then, normally I go back to having the poop scared out of me because hello!  I’m a new nurse and I. Know. NOTHING.

It is now 9:57pm.  I am drop dead tired and missing Kevin like crazy.  He is in Chicago until August 2nd.  Have I talked about that yet?  I have been so busy and blog neglectful I’m not sure if I have.  He goes every year and runs a film camp for high school kids.  I miss him insanely and so does Avelyn.  We bought a webcam for my computer before he left and tried it out on Father’s Day.  You can see her unfiltered joy when she talks to her Daddy “on the screen” at the end of the Father’s Day “movie” I made him.  I just roll with amusement every time I hear that excited laugh.  I wonder if I would look younger if I laughed like that everyday. 


  1. what a beautiful wedding and gorgeous bride and flower girl! i'm sure you looked great too, but there was no photo proof!

    if it makes you feel any better i've been feeling way old lately too. i used to hear how i looked like a teenager all the time but i suddenly realized it's been awhile since anyone said that. then today at the mall the girl asked for my id when i was buying cookies on my debit card. as i handed my license to her, she said, "wow, this is a really good picture." her co-worker even came over to see it, and she said, "yeah, you look so young and tan and pretty in this picture!" okay, okay, i get it, i might be aging! haha.

  2. Boo to those people, Annalee! You are absolutely beautiful!! Truly, inside and out. (But I totally feel you.)

  3. Avelyn looks soooo grown up in her dress and pearls. Pearls! So adorably cute. And your brother's married? Married? The day Jordana gets married is the day I'm officially O-L-D. Either that or that day she graduates from ACU, whichever comes first.

    Sigh...ah, the days of youth...

  4. Is it me or does Jacob's new wife look a little like Stephanie?

    Avelyn looks too sweet in her flower girl dress and pearls. Wearing pearls at one- don't you love baby girls??

  5. Oh no way. They don't look anything alike I don't think! And yes, her pearls are TOO much!

  6. Pearls...where the hell did our babies go!?!?!?!?

  7. She couldn't be any cuter if she tried. I love that she leaves bows in her hair. Avery rips bows out the second I put them in.


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