Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Jacob-1989 This is my brother, my baby brother.  His name is Jacob or Bub, if you're me.  I've yet to remember where I came up with that or where it started.  Isn't he cute?  Looking at how fat those legs were, you wouldn't believe he's the same kid now.  Oh I was so in love with him when he was born.  I was eight so naturally I took over and acted like Mommy #2.  I was really protective.  Now he is one of my best friends.

Growing up in our house it was pretty standard to fall asleep alone and wake up with another kid in your bed.  Jacob-1992 Or to sneak onto Mom and Dad's bed before they knew you were sleeping.  Especially on nights when Dad worked graveyard and wasn't there.  What else is a kid supposed to do when a gigantic bed only has one person in it?  I'm glad at some point someone thought to take some pictures.  That's me and Bub curled up together.  That's how Avelyn and I sleep sometimes too.

Jacob-1996 We moved to San Antonio in August 1995 when I started high school and apparently went through a phase where I loved taking self portraits. Sadly. Someone should have told me to stop.  Thankfully those awful, awful teeth were fixed.  The first good thing about this photo is that it is the ONE year in my WHOLE life I had good hair.  It probably helps that I got up early to shower in the morning and blow dry it.  I guess that sort of thing matters in high school.  The second good thing is that we are unbelievably happy.

Jacob-2002 My only regret at my wedding is that I did not dance with my brother. I feel just awful every time I think about it. He came up and asked me if I wanted to dance and I said yes, but the DJ started playing one of Kevin and my song's and I think I told him to hang for a moment, then we all just got lost and busy. I should have danced with him and picked up Kevin at the end. Things you wish you could go back and change.


At least he and I TORE UP the dance floor at our sister's wedding. People were talking about our kickin' moves for weeks to come. I can't believe there are no pictures of that. Not sure if that makes me sad or thankful. Probably both.

And here he is now.  Jacob-grenadeAll grown up and army strong.  He graduates from boot camp in two weeks and we are going.  It will be the first time for Avelyn to meet her Uncle.  I can't wait.  I'm sure we'll have lots of pictures of the graduation so stay tuned! 

I am so proud of you, Bub!


  1. I was reading the beginning of your post about how you were in love with your brother and took care of him and I was going to comment and tell you "Yeah, me too, I am 7 years older than my baby brother and I loved taking care of him too. And now he is a SOLDIER and I can't believe it." And then I saw yours is too! Wow! Awesome :) Mine just got done with AIT and has been at his permanent duty station for about 2 weeks now.

  2. Congratulations, Jacob! We are all proud of your accomplishments and what you will do in honor of our country. God bless you,

    the Terry family


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