Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Be gone, ye demons of sickness!

Avelyn survived her first daycare illness!  She caught a cold within two days of starting school.  It turned nasty over the weekend and led to an ear infection a few days later.  I tell you, there is nothing more pitiful than a sick baby.  I thank my lucky stars she is healthy and has no major issues. 

For days she just moped around and wanted to be held, screamed at the sight of the suction bulb dubbed Devil’s Toy and violently swung her head away from any Kleenex within 15 feet.  When she woke up in the mornings she would lay next to me and just whimper.  It was the most pitiful, cutest whimper you’ve ever heard.  You know that little low pitched baby whimper, the kind we adults would love to make when we feel sick but we just sound really whiny and lame?  Well, it’s cute from babies.

Amidst the snotty nose that ran like a faucet, the swollen red eyes that leaked 24 hours a day and the nasty diarrhea poops that come with antibiotics there were a few nice moments too.  She wanted to be held, a lot, by me and anytime Kevin would sit down with her in a chair she would just fall against his chest and lay there.  It was so sweet.  We took her to the doctor Friday and her ear cleared up right away after she started the meds.  The cold took a little longer but thems the breaks, it being a cold and all.

I stayed a few extra days in San Antonio to take care of her because when kids are sick they just want Momma and that’s fine by me.  I loved it.  Yesterday she finally felt better and the nose wiping and eye running ceased.  I kept trying to get her to take it easy but you try explaining Pathophysiology and Immunology to a nine month old.  Instead she just ran around and played with every toy in sight.  We sang, danced, crawled, read, played hide and seek and pretended to like vegetables while we ate a ton of fruit.  And took 549 pictures.  It was an awesome day. 

Oh yeah, before I forget… 

Avelyn is 10 months old today!


78 days to Momma’s graduation!


  1. That is such a cute video!! I loved it!!

    Is she walking!?!?!??

  2. Poor, poor baby (and mamma too). Dang those disease filled daycares and parents of snot-nosed kids who take those infections spreading joys to aforementioned holding cell only to pass on aforementioned ickyness to your beautiful lady.
    I totally agree-there is NOTHING worse than a sick baby. I'm so glad to hear that she's feeling better though! I'm even more glad that you got to spend some extra time in SA with her. :)
    Happy 10 Months on the earth baby girl! Very soon you will enter the world of "years!"

  3. happy 10 months sweet avelyn...i never see you with a glad to know claire isn't the only one who adores that dang glad that you're feeling better!

  4. hehehe. hahaha. the bit in the bouncy chair. ahh thats good stuff

    why'd ya go and have a hobo baby? now i just want to use my vacation time and SW vouchers to go to south texas to see your spawn instead of somewhere cool like vegas. sigh.


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