Friday, December 19, 2008

Lame blog

I have reunited with Baby Girl in San Antonio! My finals are over, I passed both classes (and that's all that matters) and now I plan to enjoy my break to the fullest. I am not going to do one lick of school until January 12th. Well, except for that whole apply to the Board of Nursing, get finger printed and back ground checked by the FBI and pay a boatload* of money to request for permission to take a test that will allow me to be a nurse. Other than that I'm not going to think about it at all.

Here are some highlights from the past week:

While they were bonding over daddy/daughter time in San Antonio Avelyn took a hiatus from her role as Cuter Than the Gerber Baby and portrayed Beautiful Snow Angel for a few hours. On carpet of course since we don't get snow in Texas. Well, except for a week ago in Houston.

Apparently after just two days away from me Avelyn couldn't take it anymore and turned hobo thug. Good thing Dad was there to interpret the desired look and oblige an eight month old's whims. Of course, she finally came to her senses about the socks outside the pants but she still tried to rock the crazy hat, quite successfully if you ask me.

Kevin hypothesizes that this must be what happens when kitties drink too much.

Of course the highlight of my week (aside from seeing Baby Girl and passing this semester) was finally getting my hair cut. It had been eight months and the hair had definitely seen better days. These pictures were taken one day post Haircut 2008 but I think it still looks good. Can someone please tell me why the best looking pictures of me are always the ones in which I'm making a hideous face? What does that say about me? Is it possible I'm not as attractive as I think I am?

*I typed 'buttload' but Mozilla highlighted it and suggested I might instead have been looking for 'boatload'. I decided Mozilla probably knew better than I and changed it. Thanks internets.


  1. you are adorable...but not as adorable as Avelyn!

    Congrats on the end of the semester, I share your sigh of relief.

  2. I did in fact get your card. When I got to the mailbox, there were rays os light shooting out of it and I immediately knew it was from you. How did you do it? :) Oh and thanks for he money! All I need is $999,999 to have my million! Haha
    Avelyn is adorable! I'm so glad that you all weatered the time apart. Congrats on passing your classe and kuddos to Kev-o for watching the little one "by himself."
    Last but certainly not least, your hair looks WONDERFUL! And you are attractive (does that sounds creepy coming from another girl?).
    Merry Christmas to all!

  3. Apparently my typing sucks because my previous comment is riddled with errors...


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