Saturday, October 11, 2008

She's got spirit! How 'bout you?

Kevin and I were cougars in high school.  He was a Wildcat at ACU for undergrad and a Wildcat at Northwestern in grad school.  Since Avelyn is already showing signs of a higher than average intellect we have accepted the fact she will probably end up at some fancy schmancy smart people school, maybe at Northwestern like Daddy did.  Go Wildcats!  

I did however tell her that, as evidenced by today's game, if she decides to attend a fancy schmancy smart people school she should get used to athletic disappointment.  Thanks for the shirt Uncle Pennybags!

Woman, I tire of these pictures.

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  1. Thats hilarious!!! I almost bought her a UT Onesie Dress today... but thought, since Danny was floating around the store somewhere, he might catch me before the transaction was complete... I will have to sneek back... our princess needs a Hook 'Em Horns Logo as well, of course with a huge bow to match! LOL

    Grandma SNE


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