Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My BIG! Little Baby

Happy Four Month Birthday, Avelyn!
Birthweight: 6 lb 6 oz
Birth length: 18-1/2 in
Four Month Weight: 16 lb 13 oz (97th percentile)
Length: 25-1/2 in (90%)
Head Circumference: 16-1/2 in (75%)

Avelyn's four month check-up went well yesterday. She handled this second round of shots like a champ. After being poked and prodded every which way her first few weeks of life I was not looking forward to the shots. The first round at two months old were hard. I give shots in the hospital so I know how it's done, I know why the needle is this length or that and blah blah blah. But it is totally different when it's your little baby being poked by a GIGANTIC needle. She cried so hard that first time and she bled a lot. I think the nurse must have hit a vein which you're not supposed to do with intramuscular injections. If you hit a vein you are supposed to pull out and start over. It's intraMUSCULAR, not intravenous. Oh well, after 3 or 4 days of whimpering and being tired and sad she was fine.

This time I let Kevin hold her while she got the shots. After these past few days of torturous, unending crying I just couldn't do it again. She did so much better this time around! I hope the last round at 6 months goes just as well or better.

By the way, all that crying over the weekend -- it turns out my instinct was right. She is teething. Four months old and she has a mass of teeth sprouting their way out of her gums. Poor baby. She's exceeded all the pediatrician's expectations and is far ahead of the curve in so many ways. I am so proud. For such a rough start in life she is thriving now. Although I would really like for her to laugh, she hasn't done that yet. I know babies work on their own schedule but hearing her laugh is something I have looked forward to from the moment I found out she was a possibility. I hope she does it during this two week break from class before I start back up again. I told Somer when we hired her that if Avelyn did any "firsts" with her not to tell me about it. I would just die if I missed an important moment in her life.

They also upped her reflux medication dosage. Apparently half a pill is too little for a four month old who is the size of a seven month old. That's right folks, a SEVEN month old! Way to go baby... keep on keepin' on!


  1. Congratulation on the chunk! It is still a fight to get Elisa to eat. The girl is a stick. She is in something like the 5th percentile in weight, but the 95th in height. It is nuts!

    Hope you guys are all well. I am looking forward to our girls playing together. Although there is almost a 2 year gap they do weigh the same.

  2. What a cute little girl you have! You have every right to be very proud. I especially love her fat little wrists. Thanks for updating your blog so often. I'm addicted.

  3. WOW awesome weight gain! I must say I am somewhat jealous! Hopefully we will get there though...

    You are going to absolutely love it when she laughs. Most amazing sound ever!!!

  4. she looks more like you in one of those pictures


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