Sunday, August 17, 2008

I stink at titles so you're not getting one today.

Avelyn's getting hair! I don't know if you can tell from the pictures but she's got about 1/2 inch of soft blond fuzzy hair sprouting on top of her head. Before long she may look like she's got an army crew cut but I'm so excited! She is looking oh so very cute these days.

Despite her cuteness we have had a pretty rough weekend. All day Friday and Saturday she just cried, screamed, ate and refused to eat. It was really weird. She didn't have a temperature, she wasn't grabbing ears, eyes or gums... wait a minute... ah, crap. As soon as I wrote that I realized she's been a drooling machine the last few weeks. She has her hands or her pacifier in her mouth 24 hours a day. Her sleeping pattern has changed the last week or two and she's waking more often to eat. She is also eating a lot less at each feeding but feeding more times each day. And Friday, Saturday and most of today she flip flopped between crying for a bottle and screaming bloody murder when we put the bottle in her mouth, like we had stabbed her eyes with needles. She will be four months old tomorrow. Could she be teething? I'll ask the doctor at her four month checkup this week. I actually hope it is teething because at least I would know and be able to treat it as best I can. It is the saddest, most woeful, painful cry I've ever heard and I don't want to hear her sound like that without being able to fix it. I mean look at this face, it should never be crying.

On Friday we endured the crying and spent the day at the Galleria buying clothes thanks to tax free weekend! I had to buy 6-9 and 6-12 month sizes! They were mostly pants, jeans and long sleeve shirts to get her through cold weather so they should fit perfectly for a while. I am in love with The Children's Place and The Gap this fall. Gymboree has adorable things but I always wait for the sales rack so we'll see what's left in a few weeks. We also scored a few cute shirts dirt cheap at Old Navy today too. For all of you who care (my Mom), here are a few of the things we got her... except for that polo in the second batch. I went back to get it and they were out of her size at two places. Bummer. She would have rocked that polo.

I bought myself a jacket and 3 shirts and a pair of jeans. It was so weird wearing jeans without the elastic waist! I dearly loved my maternity jeans but being Avelyn will turn 4 months old on Monday, and I'm back to pre-pregnancy weight, the time had come to mourn their passing and carefully lay them to rest in the tub o' maternity clothes until next time. Yes, yes, before you ask I am back to pre-preg weight and have been for a little while. Stress, nursing school, a baby and a little PPD will do that to you. Ha. Ha ha. Hee hee hee ha. Now if I can work off the soft flabby stretched out mass that is renting space on my abs I will feel FANtastic. I'm not holding my breath. Exercise = Sweat = Ewwwwwwwwwww

Kevin and I went out for our first post-baby date Saturday night and I FINALLY got to see The Dark Knight. Here is my review: IT. WAS. AWESOME. Everyone was right. It was amazing and everything I had looked forward to since Batman Begins. Also we saw it in Imax and it was really fun to see Chicago so huge. It was really cool watching and recognizing so many of the locations they shot at. You know when the 18 wheeler flips over in front of 29 S. LaSalle? Yeah, I had a class IN 29 S. LaSalle. Freaking AWEsome. I was watching and thinking "Okay, that 18 wheeler flipping over is way COOL and I wish I had been on that set... wait a minute, where do I know that building from... hey! I used that FedEx/Kinko's that day to print my final! COOOOOOL!!" I know, I'm pretty lame. Having lived in a cool city is all I have. After the movie we went totally wild and crazy and went to Jamba Juice for a late night smoothie. Then we headed home at 11:00. PM. It was pretty sweet. Almost as sweet as my super duper baby. Almost.


  1. Avelyn scored tons of clothes! Sweeeet. :)

    If she is teething, I hope it is over with quickly! We haven't been there yet!

    Good for you for getting back to your pre-prego weight! I'm jealous...I still have 5 or 10 to go. More like 10. Ugh.

  2. Cute clothes. I can't wait to see them in action! I bet she is teething. Bummer. I know you love unsolicited advice, so here it goes: ibuprofen and nighttime baby oragel. The nighttime stuff is more gel-like and easier to apply than the regular stuff. I think it kind of burns when it touches the gums, but then it numbs them. Elisa always screamed bloody murder when I applied it, but suddenly stopped right afterward. Good luck!


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