Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My kind of town, Chicago is... [Part 4 of 5]

Day 6 - Monday
I don't have a lot to write about Monday. Avelyn met another friend of ours, Kevin Richey, who flew in from Los Angeles. They got along famously. It must be the beard that reminds her of me. Kidding. She really did take to him though so I am wondering if it was his blondness and accent. You know, since I have a blond beard and speak with an Alabama drawl too. Uncle Pennybags calls Avelyn "Little Richie" so it was good for her to meet her nickname's sake.
Poor Uncle Pennybags... he was so sweet with Avelyn, and every time he tried to hold her she would cry. I haven't written much about her crying because she really doesn't do it all that much. She is really a very good baby considering, but she had a hard week this trip. Between traveling, being out of her environment and off her regular routine she was just a lot more fussy than normal. It prevented me from seeing a few other friends I wanted to meet up with but I've learned that with a baby you have to choose your battles. I got up everyday and had to judge if she was in a good enough mood to keep her out long enough to make a visit, or even grab a meal. Oh well, next summer folks! (Specifically Erika, who supplied us with our FIRST baby gift after finding out we were pregnant - the Alfred Hitchcock onesie in the previous post!! I'm so bummed I didn't see you! Hope going home to New York was fantastic!)

My sweet, sweet baby!
I finally got to take pictures for Avelyn's three month "birthday". The weather was nice, she wasn't as cranky as she had been the last few days and also it was our last opportunity so we had to seize it. Richey is a cinematographer so we let him do the shooting. He took some black and white photos with his medium format camera that I can't wait to see. The ones below were taken with my Nikon. Like every other day of her life we took a TON of pictures so eventually I will have to narrow down the good ones and narrow down the great ones from those and the printable shots from those... it's a process. From the looks of things you might think she was a famous baby model or something.
Okay, this one is funny because there happens to be an adorable baby bunny nibbling on the grass behind her head. We got a few pictures before she grew bored with our umpteenth photo of the day and began to cry, scaring the baby bunny away. Way to go baby. Way. To. Go.

Our new family

My head looks totally weird and bald here but I like everything else about this picture. Man is my little girl a cutie patootie. (Speaking of cutie patooties, someone I know wrote a super cute book!)

Richey takes pictures. Here he is refusing to have his picture taken with her. I solved that problem.


  1. I love the new layout! I want to visit Chicago during the summer. I have been 2x in the winter. Avelyn is growing so fast!

  2. Just as I open my mouth and say, "Ah, these can't get any cuter!" You make a liar outta me! Ahhhh...


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