Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I woke up this morning bright and early to the cry of a hungry baby. My eyes barely stayed open as I fed her in the dark. We had almost an hour until we had to get up and I was silently begging Avelyn to slip back into a peaceful slumber beside me. She did not comply. When I finally woke up enough to realize my two options were to lay there with a baby kicking my stomach until I got out of bed, or wake up and have a special morning just the two of us, I chose the latter. There will come a day all too soon when even begging her to stay and talk with me won't work so I will live these moments while I can.

We had the most amazing conversation for about 3o minutes. I even dialed up Kevin so he could hear how much she's talking these days. It is so beautiful. Her face lights up and she gets so excited when she hears herself, especially if her noises sound close to the words I'm saying. We are lucky to have such good mornings.

Well, today I was reminded of how truly blessed I really am. A woman I know is facing a decision in her pregnancy that no woman should ever have to face. My heart broke when I heard her news and I just felt totally helpless, inept and a little guilty because I had a perfect girl at home that I never planned for, never asked or prayed for. Here is a lady who has gone through so much just trying to have one healthy baby and I didn't even have to try. Avelyn just came to us. I look at her everyday and wonder how I lived before she was here... life is just so much better with her in it. It really made me thankful for everything I have because while there are moments that seem utterly overwhelming, at this moment there is nothing causing me pain. I cannot imagine what they must be going through right now. Please keep this couple in your thoughts and prayers, that they will find a little bit of peace no matter what they have to face in the coming weeks.

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