Saturday, May 3, 2008

SHE's growing

My sweet baby Avelyn is growing every day!  I can't believe how fast each day goes by... I guess lack of sleep combined with the endless cycle of diaper/feeding/napping/holding takes up more time than you ever thought possible.  On a side note, I've lost 20 pounds since baby day.  Those last 10 stubborn pounds will probably be around a while since I have no intention of exercising for a long time to come.  It was a good moment on the scale though so I thought I'd share.

Her head has worked itself very nicely from a slight cone dome shape to an adorable round baby head that now looks large enough (to me only, of course) that a part of me is a little thankful she came a bit early.  She likes to sleep... a lot... and has become quite the eater.  We're still struggling with the whole "boob to babe" thing but I've made my peace with it and vow to shed no more tears... or at least fewer.  I have utilized every resource available and you know what?  I am not a terrible mother because breast feeding isn't working out.  Take that!  We will keep trying but in the meantime I have accepted my fate of being hooked to the breast pump like a dairy cow night and day so she at least gets all the good stuff from me.  I now have utmost respect and sympathy for the average dairy cow and henceforth vow not to waste my leftover cereal milk.  Milk is like gold in this house.  GOLD.  

Enjoy our beautiful baby girl.

Sleepy daddy
Straight up gangsta rock
Two weeks old!


  1. Thanks for the new pictures. She is adorable! Congratulations again to the new mommy and daddy.

  2. She looks like a little doll! Yeah for her getting the good stuff! Dont feel bad for not being able to breast feed. HA I agreed!

  3. wow. kevin has a GIANT head.

    and also an adorable baby =)

  4. Babies grow, no matter the milk they drink. Aren't you glad though, that you don't have to get down on all fours to feed her? You are a beautiful mother and she will thrive, and you will survive! We are cow-conquerors! Love SNE


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