Thursday, April 24, 2008


Avelyn had a high bilirubin count when we left the hospital and has jaundice because of it. We've been to the doctor daily to monitor her labs and we've been homebound on photo therapy since Monday. She is improving each day! Hopefully by tomorrow we can take her off the machine. Kevin comes back into town tomorrow afternoon so it would be nice for him to be able to hold her after 4 days away! Maybe we'll even venture out for a walk!

A few pictures since we've been home... Enjoy!

First bath

Long legs! Tall like Daddy?

In her space cocoon

Mean Momma insists on clothes to visit the doctor


  1. I think she is the 2nd most beautiful little girl I have ever seen (Elisa being the first of course)! I am so happy and proud and excited! Congratulations again and again. We are thinking of you all and wishing good quality time for the three of you soon.

    By the way, you are a really good writer. I appreciated your play-by-play details of the day before the birth (especially your and the nurse's thoughts). I laughed out loud at the "NOW FOOL" part! Good stuff.

    We love you guys. Can't wait to have our little girls play together.

  2. She is so incredibly beautiful Jenifer!

  3. Oh wow she does have long legs! And such a beauty!

  4. wow she does have really long legs! miss you can't wait to see her. i hope she gets better and out of her little space machine


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