Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rocker Baby

Last week we were hard up for some good quality hamburgers, and missing the many great burger joints that call San Antonio home. We decided to try a place called Prince's and although the burger was okay, the chocolate malt was even better and the music playing on the jukebox was stellar. Although we didn't get the full extent of her talents on tape, I'm sure you'll agree that the real highlight of the meal was Avelyn's air guitar. She rocked it hard. In true Avelyn style we're rockin' and rollin' all night and partying every day! Keep it up, Baby!


  1. I can't tell what the song is, either, but that was so funny... I will not compare her to Baron's barking and chasing rabbits in his sleep since he has never done it to classic rock! LOL

    That was adorable!


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