Thursday, May 22, 2008

I missed you today...

Today was the 14th anniversary of my father's death.  It was special for many reasons this year, the most important being able to introduce Avelyn to her Grandad.  It is always hard to visit the grave site, but harder not to be there.  

I know it's stupid, but fourteen years later and sometimes I'm still surprised to find myself thinking that just maybe he might knock on my door one day.  What would he say about where he's been?  Would I even ask or care?  In my dreams I never do and he never says.  I just smile and run to him for the biggest "bear hug" he can offer and I never let go, ever.  I guess that's something I'll never lose... I really hope not anyway.  There is a sense of peace and comfort in being able to remember anything after losing so much.  

For Avelyn I am so thankful of the new life she has brought to us this year.  Her existence has filled a space in my heart where a giant void has stood for so long.  I pray that she will know him through the stories, photographs and video that our family shares and know what an absolute joy she would have brought to his life.  One smile from this little girl and he would have turned to mush, no doubt.  Although not perfect by any means (!), he was my dad.  My only dad.  And I miss him terribly every day.  Sleep tight, Dad, and don't let the bedbugs bite.

Great grandma Joyce and Avelyn


Three generations of Norman ladies... and Grandpa!

Avelyn, meet your Grandpa Bruce

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