Sunday, April 13, 2008

In the know

Thursday the doctor put me on the fetal monitor after my ultrasound and they noticed I was contracting every two minutes. I have started to notice the contractions more over the past few days, and they are definitely preparing for the big event.  Well, they sent me up to my OB who said I had progressed a little since Tuesday but nothing significant.  Neither of us was greatly concerned that real labor was imminent so she gave me the option to walk over to the hospital and be monitored and checked for another hour or go home and relax and see if it progressed further. I chose to go home and wait and so far - no baby.  

Somewhere between 36 and 37 weeks (I'm 36 weeks and 4 days, today) babies are considered full term - and the odds are in our favor that she would have no issues if she were born anytime. So now we're at the end and she could come in 3 hours or 3 weeks -- of course if she decides to be stubborn she's still coming out in 2 weeks at the induction!!

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