Thursday, November 29, 2007

The waiting game continues...

Well they didn't do an ultrasound today so no boy/girl news yet. At the last appointment the doctor told me that "next time you should be able to find out the sex". I took that to mean...the next appointment, duh. I was wrong. They actually make a separate ultrasound appointment at 20 weeks to assess the baby’s anatomy in detail, including sex organs. So we'll have to wait until Saturday, December 22nd to find out. I'm kind of glad though; this way Kevin will be here and we can find out together. There's just something wrong about having to tell him over the phone like everyone else. Now we have something to look forward to together!


  1. Juli (of James & Juli, who lived across the street from us) is preggers again her ultrasound is on 12/21. They are going to have the tech write down the sex and then seal it so they can open it on xmas morning.

  2. I thought about doing that but who am I kidding? There is NO WAY I can wait 3 whole days once the news is out there!


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