Thursday, November 29, 2007

Beautiful Sounds

PS - I did get to hear the heartbeat today for the first time! It was pretty amazing. I think I could listen to it all day. The baby was moving around a lot so the nurse couldn't get an accurate number but it was bouncing around between 135-155!

I'm also pretty sure I've been feeling it move the last week or so. It definitely doesn't feel like regular abdominal movements. A weird jab or fluttery feeling usually in the middle of my abdomen where the rapidly growing uterus sits almost assures me that's what it is. I look forward to it being more consistent and regular, although I dread what this kid may do to me given it's aptitude for bouncing around in there.

Also - several people have asked for pictures of my expanding waistline. We don't have a camera, but if we get one anytime soon I'll be sure to get some photos.

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