Thursday, May 21, 2009

Runs, Baby, runs

In the immortal words of somebody (I’m sure someone has said it before):

“I afear we may be fightin’ the pink eye”.

Avelyn has been transitioning from the infant room to the 1-2’s (orange) room this week and came home with diarrhea yesterday.  Not that they’re necessarily related but I always like to have another dirty kid to blame for all her ailments.  I’m not talking about “Oh she had a messy diaper or two”, I’m talking poop explosion.  So much poop they had her [disgusting] clothes in a baggy and she was dressed in an old onesie with her little white shoes still on.  She also decided to THROW her sippy cup of milk across the room when they tried to give it to her during lunch.  THROW IT.  She is surrounded by infants!  They could have been killed!  Oy. 

I kept her home with me today and she had the runs all day.  Really gross runs too.  In case you are the type of individual who needs details, it was the consistency of watery curdled butter with a slight orange and yellow tint.  It was N-A-S-T-Y.  It just so happens that today is the first day in almost two weeks I could breathe so it was so great to have diarrhea poop smell be the first smell my nose got a taste of. 

She seems to feel fine, has no fever, isn’t overly whiny, eats normally.  Her appetite has been down lately but her diet is changing.  She is slowly eating more table foods and we are trying to transition her from formula to milk.  I had given her milk in a cup day before last so I am wondering if the milk has anything to do with her loose bowels.  She didn’t drink any after the shot put cup throwing incident and didn’t have any today so we’ll see. 

Poor thing looked so sad when I picked her up in the new room.  She has only been visiting the orange room a few hours in the afternoons this week so this was the first time I picked her up there.  She was sitting all alone on the mat while the other kids played around the room.  The afternoon helper was standing by her and helped her stand up to walk to me.  She said Avelyn startles easily and gets frightened when the kids run up to her or around her but that she is very sweet, and very funny and likes to play with the toys.  She is bigger or as big as most of the kids in the room but they can all walk and run so much faster.  I know she’ll be on even ground soon.  She starts in that room full time on Monday.  I am sure I will cry all over again with the new switch, until she adjusts and doesn't cry when I drop her off.  Is there anything worse than seeing your baby feel sad, be left out or scared?  NO!  This mom thing is heart breaking!

Tonight I noticed a tiny clump of opaque green stuff in the corner of her eye and the rim of her left eye looked a little red.  I would not be surprised if Mr. Pink Eye made his debut given all the poop exploding around here.  Ugh.  I’m holding out hope, for her sake, because pink eye is NO FUN.  I’m also holding out hope for our sakes because pink eye is soooooo contagious.  Please, please, please Mr. Pink Eye!  STAY AWAY!!

Avelyn’s hair is almost long enough and thick enough to make a pony tail.  I don’t want to cut it yet but her hair is getting in her eyes.  She refuses to wear bows anymore and yanks them out of her hair faster than I can get them in.  We’re still negotiating the whole pony tail thing but I was able to get a super cute top side pony tail on Tuesday.  Try getting a good photo on your phone with a squirmy 12 month old.  You can kind of see it here.  Oh the joys of having a little girl…



  1. I'm sending you goof poop and no pink eyes vibes. Just wait till she's old enough to tell you about her own poop. Tyson loves to poop in his potty, turn around and inspect it and then tell me exactly what it looks like. Fun!

    Her hair is precious. :) When did she get to be so big?!?!

  2. Good, not goof. Spellchecker, where are you?

  3. I love that you have to neogiate with her about her hair....I'm still doing that and mine is 6.

  4. That was really descriptive! thanks for that! I almost choked on my bagel! I've been more educated on pregnancies and babies from reading your blog than any health class i took in high school!

  5. So I'm not the only one who's little darling refuses to leave bows in...I just can't seem to bring myself to cut her hair though!!!!

    We're getting over the sickies here too (again)...poor Avelyn, hope she's feeling better!


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