Sunday, April 26, 2009

These days be a whirl of winds

And I’m not just talking about the magnificent breezes blowing Avelyn’s hair all around her face that make her smile, sigh and giggle in the most beautiful way.  We have been SO busy.  Birthdays, school, work, moving… I can’t wait to be done with it all and living under one roof with just my husband and my baby.

I’m sure you’ve already looked through the one hundred million photos from birthday bash 2009 on Flickr but if not here are a few of the weekend.  And just for your viewing pleasure, I’ve included the most awesome picture of two tired parents EVER (at least since this one from last year) who are once again sharing their birthdays with one cake and one song because their birthdays are only 6 days apart.  Hey, did I also mention their daughter’s birthday is smack dab in the middle of those six days? 

April 18, 2009 at 2:05 pm marked one year to the minute since my baby, my Hobo, my Little Lady Avelyn entered this world.  Amazing. 

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Turning ONE brings lots of exciting firsts, including my favorite thus far – the official turning of the car seat from rear facing to forward facing!  Once I convinced Kevin the guidelines are 20 pounds AND one year and not 30 pounds (duh – whose one year old (aside from mine) weighs 30 pounds???) I ran outside and presented my precious darling with her new gift of sight, in the car that is.  This same precious darling then proceeded to thank my sweaty endeavor (it is way too hot to only be April) by screaming bloody murder in the Pack N’ Play three feet away.  Because clearly being just three feet away with my big ol’ ass hanging out the car door meant I was abandoning her.  ‘Cause I don’t love her or anything. 

04.24.09_ 002

I just love the look on her face and we weren’t even out of the driveway yet.  She loooooves facing forward and is VERY vocal about how she feels.  Much to my delight and Kevin’s chagrin.  He had the nerve to jokingly ask today “Can we turn her back around?”  He was totally kidding but I hit him pretty hard and told him to shut up and if he ever shushed her while she was singing or talking I would sock him in more, ahem, delicate places.

Another new favorite, well really, really old favorite but I love that I finally captured one version of it, is Avelyn’s laugh.  I can’t get enough of it and she has so many different laughs it’s amazing.  When she laughs I want to pee myself I get so excited.  Most of the time it’s not hard to make her laugh either.  All I have to do is laugh/sing/talk/scream in a really high pitched voice and she goes nuts.  Our new favorite song is “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”.  We like to keep things real and sing our own words.  And wouldn’t you know, the unicorn AND the alien that live on that farm?  They have the craziest, high pitched squeals you’ve ever heard.  Damn if that baby doesn’t crack up every time.  And she loves it when I open my mouth and my eyes really wide, kind of like I’m being scared to death.  She laughs harder than ever then, I don’t know what that says about her.  Hopefully I will never choke on my food and start to die in front of her because she’d probably let me croak while she passed out from all the laughing.


  1. The party was so gorgeous!!! You did such a great job!! And Avelyn looked so beautiful, of course! You did a great job making her too, heehee :)

    Hooray for forward-facing! Dave says Brooklyn won't weigh enough to face forward until she is 5 :( I love her's adorable. Brooklyn does that too. In fact, Dave thought I was playing a video of Brooklyn when I was playing it!

  2. That video is hilarious of her in the backseat. She is quite the talker/singer!

  3. Love the videos. Can't wait to meet her.


  5. LOVE her cake! So cute. And isn't it fun when they finally turn around in the carseat? I sswear, when we turned my daughter around she looked like she had just realized she was on a different planet. She was just amazed that she could SEE things while in the car!

  6. The pics are great and i love her birthday cake - so cute!

  7. You should give up the nursing gig and become a baby party planner.
    I remember the when we turned both the boys around. For the first time they didn't scream the minute we stated driving. It was like we had given them the greatest gift of all. It's also like when you face them out to hold them. They just can't believe you've been holding out.

  8. I love the video of her "talking" was like listening to Claire while I was at work. Thanks for the smile in the middle of the day. I can't wait to turn Claire around...we have a little more to go ( :


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