Monday, April 6, 2009

These days are (near) perfection

Another great weekend with the Hobo, another job interview, another job offer and NO completed school work to show for it.  Sounds like a success wouldn’t you say?  I now have two job offers to choose from.  One in the Pediatric Emergency Room (Pedi ER), the other in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).  Decisions, decisions.  I plan to make my decision this week, although I’m pretty sure what I want to do.  Before I decline the other position I want something in writing from the job I do want.  Jobs are scarce these days and with a bird in hand… well you get it.  What do you think I should pick?  Put in your two cents on the poll on the right side bar by this Friday at noon and we’ll see if you were right!

03.28.09_ 013 IMG_0173

The above photos were taken in the last few weeks.  The diaper change in the trunk is the best idea I’ve ever had.  Except for über cold or über rainy days I’d rather change her precious rump in the trunk of my own car than on those nasty, germy, disgusting changing stations.  Take a UV light to those things some day.  EWWWWWWWWW.  And the pink sparkly shoes, well, SHE NEEDS THEM AND SO DO ALL LITTLE GIRLS!!  BECAUSE THEY’RE PINK!!!  AND SPARKLY!!!  Please don’t sell out before I can buy you, shoes!

I got in SA just in time to put Avelyn to bed Thursday night.  She was so excited to see me that she race-crawled right over in her little pink PJ’s and buried her head in my chest.  Those are the moments that break your heart, but in a good way.  Of course it was right before bed so when I tried to give her a bottle she was too excited to eat or sleep and wanted to play.  The sit-on-the-bed-and-sing-while-she-drank-a-bottle trick didn’t work so we moved to Plan B and I held her close and rocked her in my arms until she calmed down.  She is such a big baby girl now, and most nights will let you hold her close until she decides “Okay, time for bed” and reaches to go to her crib.  I appreciate this maturity on her part, don’t get me wrong, but the immature Momma part of me is sobbing OH MY GOD! MY BABY IS SOOOOO GROWN UP AND DOESN’T WANT ME!  SOOO(hiccup!)OOBBBBBBB!  But then she sleeps for at least 10 hours straight without making a peep and I sing Hallelujah to the heavens for finallyaftermonthsandmonthsandmonths granting me the gift of rest.

Friday was awesome.  I dropped Avelyn off at daycare without one tear (from her or me), had a great job interview with the PICU (can I be super proud of myself for a moment?  I mean TWO interviews and TWO job offers?), had lunch with Kevin then headed home for a well needed two hour nap.  I had a terrible cold and NEEDED. SLEEP.  Then I picked Avelyn up from daycare and tried to take her picture since Kevin has not kept up with the 1,387 picture a day precedent I set. 

I call this series “The Screaming Baby” because this baby is very into screaming these days.  Look at that girl standing, the one soooo close to walking!  Isn’t she tall?  Doesn’t she look like a little KID from behind?  Where did my baby chubber wub go?  Oh wait, phew! There it is behind her knees.  Love it.

04.03.09_ 026 04.03.09_ 030

In preparation for Avelyn’s FIRST birthday (12 more days!) I wanted to get her pictures made.  I found a few great photographers, one of which lives in Texas (hence was the obvious choice) and was really, really excited to get some great photos.  Unfortunately we move a lot and the money tree I ordered has yet to be delivered to the right address so we were out of luck.  But pictures are better than no pictures so I booked a session at the PP and had Avelyn model some potential outfits for the shoot. She looked utterly delicious and seemed to enjoy the first ensemble as evidenced by this face: 04.03.09_ 042But then I got a little cocky and tried to take pictures of her from a different angle.  It didn’t go so well:04.03.09_ 043The second wardrobe change was even more fun.  The sheer nerve of me I tell you:04.03.09_ 044

In keeping with her less than stellar performance during dress rehearsal the night before, the photo shoot on Saturday went kind of… meh.  She spent most of the time crying, screaming, making no face whatsoever and crawling off camera towards me.  We got a few good shots but nothing like her normal wide eyed grin.  I love them all though, no matter what.  Unfortunately they look like, well, portrait studio pictures.  Ugh.  I think I take way better pictures than they do.  If the subject weren’t so damn adorable I wouldn’t have bought one picture.  One day I will get the photos I want.  (Like THIS YEAR KEVIN.  When I get a job we’re doing it.)  Until then I will just drool over Matt, Sharon and Annalee’s beautiful photos.  They’re all really good looking people but their hands-down-utterly-beautiful baby girls really make the shot.  Some more cuteness to tide you over.


Hobo Baby is wearing Kate Mack by Biscotti Baby Spring Rose dress, Kate Mack Strawberry Fields Voile Bubble Romper, and Iris & Ivy some dress I don’t know the name of.  (Note to Biscotti – we love your clothes, want to send some our way?)


8 days to my 28th birthday!
11 days to Avelyn’s 1st birthday!
14 days to Kevin’s 32nd birthday!
31 days to Momma’s graduation!


  1. Congrats on the job offers. You're right, in this economy nothing should be taken for granted. You should be proud of yourself, you obviously worked very hard.

    My husband just started school for Nursing - he's excited now, we'll see if he still is in about 2 years!

  2. Portrait studio or not, the pics are darling. We are getting "real" pics done next month with a photographer at the park...much more my taste too. We've only had them done once when she was about a month's that whole money thing, so....when you get that money tree would you send a few (hundred)seeds up my way?!?!!?!?

    Can you believe these girls are going to be one!!!!! Where has the dang time gone...

  3. I still can't believe that baby is about to be one. ONE! I had to do a double take when looking at the one of her standing. She's gonna have the boys lined up at the door and Kevin is gonna have to invest in a shot gun-just letting you know.
    Regardless of portrait studio, the pictures are fantastic. Hobo lights up the screen whether she's screaming or smiling. But I do think you take better pictures. :)

  4. I am in *love* with the polka-dot dress; it's very cute.

    I also really enjoyed this post. I think it really shows how much you adore your daughter, and there are so many mom blogs that don't always give you that impression. I hope I remember to always show my love in what I write.

    Also, when you get that money tree, do you think you could break off a branch for me? Thanks.

  5. Sorry I missed seeing you last week. It was a pleasure to meet your little "Hobo" and to see what's his face again.

    I have a friend who works in a pediatric ER in Seattle and love it. That is what I voted for. Congratulations on the offers and good luck making a decision. I know you will do well.

  6. she is so cute. come to nashville and my photographer will totally hook you up with some amazing pics! :) i got the ladybugs on her cake at either joann's or wal-mart... can't remember! i made so many trips to both places before the party. but they were in the floral section. yeah, they weren't edible and i don't know if i was supposed to put them on a cake, but i did and no one died! :)

  7. Seriously- can't get over how cute she is. :) Even in the screaming pics!

  8. I think the pics look great! Portrait studios are fine! I know what you mean about them...we are lucky enough to have hookups with 2 REAL photogs. But even at a super deep discount, I cant afford them as often as I'd I have taken her to a couple of portrait studios just for $$$ reasons.

    I love, love, love Avelyn's outfits in the pics! Brooklyn says she's going to come raid Avelyn's closet.


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