Monday, March 2, 2009

V-O-M-I spells GENIUS

One thing that always cheers Avelyn up is surfing the internet.  That girl loves her some internet, always slapping the keyboard every chance she gets.  Today was no exception.  Have I mentioned that she is a baby genius?  She slapped so many keys in a row that she opened my Google Reader, clicked on Sharon’s new post, opened one of the photos from the post and started giggling at the picture.  I think she thought Merit’s Daddy was funny.


I was so proud of her technological prowess that I called Kevin over to see it and we both laughed hysterically when about two seconds later I noticed Avelyn had also managed to type “v-o-m-i” in the search bar.  I think she was trying to look up v-o-m-i-T to learn more about her recent ailment.  My kid is wicked smart.

 66 days to Momma’s graduation!


  1. Tyson and Tucker have a love/hate relationship with the computer-they love it, we hate for them to love it. Once when Tyson was little, he managed to delete three folders from my hard drive. Lucky for me the folders were "My Documents", "My Videos" and "My Imported Files." Fun. :)

  2. it's official, she is a genius! that is hilarious.

  3. You poor baby...still sick!?!?!?! Too funny that she pulled up a real page on the computer...all Claire seems to do it make it beep at her! LOL. I am very jealous of Avelyn's sleeping by the way... ( :

  4. That's hilarious. What a genius

  5. merit and i both just took a double-take seeing us on your blog. merit wants to leave avelyn a comment, too:

    fdc e4


  6. Wicked smart just like her momma!


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