Monday, March 23, 2009

Skortin’ ‘round town

DSC_0198Avelyn played on the playground for the FIRST time today!  I told Kevin he should take her to the park in his parent’s neighborhood because they had baby swings and he did!  AND she wore a skort for the first time.  How funny is that?  A skort.  Remember those?  On those chubby little legs.  I can’t stand the cuteness.  Or the fact that if memory serves, it’s a size 3T skort.  I also can’t stand that she is wearing it with a stupid purple onesie normally reserved for under the PJ’s and scuffed up pink Pedipeds with no bow on her head, but I can’t be too choosy.  He does his best and I love him for it.  He is a great dad.  I don’t think I say that enough on here.

She hadn’t been in the baby swings by our old place since before Christmas.  Kevin strapped her into the stroller and took her today, possibly for the first and last time because it’s “way too far to walk with a stroller”.  To be fair, there is a massively gigantic hill involved in this walk and I’m not sure I’d be interested in doing it when it gets much hotter either.  But it’s just a little too close to strap her in the car seat and make your way down there.  Hmm, guess we’ll have to find better parks further away from his parents place.  Which won’t be too hard since we have no plans to live anywhere near there come May 15th.  Yes people, we have a goal.  An end date.  A day of reckoning.  Independence Day if you will.  And I CAN. NOT. WAIT.

DSC_0137(Yes, there may have been non blown-out angel-esque pictures of my baby from the park but unfortunately they were hijacked by the evil snot nosed booger faced baby, and are in a secret hiding place never to be seen in the light of a computer screen.)

25 days to Hobo’s FIRST birthday!

46 days to Momma’s graduation!


  1. Oh my gosh, skorts!! That takes me back! :)

  2. i have to say with or without the bow, she still looks absolutely adorable in her skort!

  3. She's such a doll. Brooklyn has been wearing some skirts/skorts the past couple of weeks, now that it's getting warm. These are size 3-6 months, ones that I bought before she was born thinking she would wear them last summer, when she actually was 3-6 months. Haha. I had no clue.

    At least Keving TRIES to dress her up. Dave just takes Brooklyn everywhere in her dirty spit up covered sleepers from the night before. All these tons and tons of cute clothes, and he takes her in public in a dirty sleeper.

    I'm confused about the hijacked pics???

  4. Sorry about that. It didn't make total sense to me either after I wrote it :) What I meant was, Kevin sent a few more picture of her but they will not be posted because they were clearly not my beautiful daughter. They were pictures of an Avelyn imposter, The Snot Nose Booger Face Baby. Every now and then she weasles her way into our pictures. Grrrrr.

  5. Claire has the same shoes...good taste momma, good taste!


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