Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sew what?

My 2009 goals, in no particular order:
  • Learn to sew
  • Get a modern day, easy to use sewing machine so I can learn to sew (I've got my eye on one in particular)
  • Make Avelyn some super cute items with my new sewing machine (I've got loads of ideas but no skills... it's a dilemma)
  • Get healthy
  • Eat better and make better foods for Avelyn with my new food processor
  • GRADUATE FROM NURSING SCHOOL (not a goal so much as a plan)
  • Get a job
  • Make money
  • Pay monies owed
  • Take my FIRST vacation ever
  • Throw Avelyn a fabulous first birthday bash
  • Rent or steal a house (no more sharing walls)
  • Pass the NCLEX to become a registered nurse
  • Kick ass this last semester of undergraduate education EVER
  • Delve into future hobby of cake decorating
  • Think about Baby #2
  • Enjoy the fantastic life I am creating for myself


  1. Sewing and making baby food are on my list this year too! I have NO idea how to sew either (home ec was like 15 years ago- seriously!). I'm curious to see what you find about sewing machines and food processors (and what you make with both!).

  2. Jennifer, come visit me! We now have lots to talk about. I'd be happy to teach you to sew and cake decorate. Both of witch are super easy and oh so fun. I want to learn to you knit?


  3. that's quite a list. maybe I should make one.

    1.move to another country (the one I am originally from)
    2.get a job (with benefits)
    3.get a house so I can move out of the in-law's place
    4.get counseling because reverse culture shock is worse than regular crappy culture shock

    I think that is enough for now. All goals and part of the plan.

    Good luck on the sewing. Jennifer got a machine a few years ago and has made a couple of things like curtains and blankets. She a regular Martha Stewart (not really - much hotter).

  4. You aspire to so much more greatness than I even have in my brain. Good for you!


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